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This category is for decorative body modifications of all kinds, such as tattooing, body piercing, body painting, traditional Indian mehndi (painted henna designs on the hands and feet) and decorative scarification and branding. Some sites may also discuss other temporary forms of body decoration such as extreme hair colors and irregular suntans.

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Newspaper, periodical, magazine, and on-line articles pertaining to all types of Bodyart.
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Bodypainting is the artistic application of washable paints being applied to the skin. This can be done in a variety of ways; by hand, using stencils or templates, with an airbrush system, or by using various other utensils.
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This category is for chats or forums related to multiple forms of bodyart, which include piercing and tattoos.
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Category for sites that provide body art-oriented directories, links, networks, and other resources, especially those which help people navigate the Internet.
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This category is for sites pertaining to the fun side of decorative body modifications; comics, jokes, funny illustrations, and on-line games having to do with tattooing, piercing, mehndi, airbrush body art, bodypainting, facepainting, and any other form of body art.
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For sites that contain a variety of work of more than one bodyart type, displayed primarily for the enjoyment of others.
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FDA, professional agencies, State, and Federal licensing regulations and/or guidelines relating to all forms of bodyart.
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Bodyart magazines and e-zines are informational publications that feature artistic and journalistic content regarding tattooing, piercing, scarification, branding, mehndi, and other forms of body adornment.
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Homepages pertaining to a mixture of personal adornments either as a simple artform or in the context of its meaning within their lives.
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Body piercing is the art of piercing or penetrating the skin with needles in order to add various types of body adornment items.
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Brick and mortar establishments that specialize in a combination of bodyarts such as: piercing, tattooing, mehndi, scarification, branding, and bodypainting.
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Tattooing is an age old art requiring the use of ink and needles to apply an artistic, permanent design onto the skin.
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Listing of web rings that accept sites pertaining to all forms of Bodyart. (piercing, tattooing, bodypainting, mehndi, scarification, branding, etc.)
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