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A computer is an electronic device that accepts and processes information mathematically or logically according to programmed instructions. The results of this processing is displayed visually, printed on paper, played audibly, kept in electronic form for transfer to other computers, or used to control some other device or process. Modern computers have become a universal tool, used in most occupations. The Internet itself, including the ODP, this Internet directory, is written on computers, stored on computers, presented by computers, and usually viewed on computers. By that standard every ODP listed site could be listed under this category. But instead, this category contains listings of sites primarily about the use of Computers other than for a purpose fitting one of the other Open Directory top level categories. Sites about artistic use of computers belong in Arts, about scientific use of computers in Science, etc.

Algorithms Algorithms View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
A prescribed finite set of well defined rules or processes for the solutions of a problem in a finite number of steps.
Animated, Compression, Computational Algebra, Conferences, People, More »

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Artificial Intelligence is a field of science that has several goals. The first, often called "weak" AI, is the effort to design and implement computer systems that can perform tasks requiring intelligence when performed by humans.
Academic Departments, Agents, Applications, Associations, Belief Networks, More »

Artificial Life Artificial Life View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category is for artificial life information, simulations, discussions and related sub topics like art and games.
Agents, Ant Colony Optimization, Art, Artificial Worlds, Biomimicry, More »

Bulletin Board Systems Bulletin Board Systems View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) have been around since the early 1980s in one form or another.
Fidonet, Hotline, Individual Systems, Software, Web Rings, More »

CAD and CAM CAD and CAM View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Computer Aided Design
2D Drafting, 3D Modelling, AEC Design, Associations, AutoCAD, More »

Chats and Forums Chats and Forums View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites offering active discussion spanning a wide variety of computer-related topics. Sites that are focused about 75% or more on a particular topic should be listed under that topic (or its Chats_and_Forums subcat should one exist) instead of here.
More »

Companies Companies View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category provides a list of categories for navigational purposes to facilitate finding companies offering various computer services.
Adobe Systems, Inc., AOL LLC, Apple Inc., Corel Corporation, Data Warehousing, More »

Computer Science Computer Science View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Computer science is the scientific discipline which aims to develop and advance knowledge related to computers and computation.
Academic Departments, Computer Graphics, Conferences, Database Theory, Directories, More »

Conferences Conferences View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites for formal and informal conferences, meetings, trade shows, and workshops, and associated events that are related to Computers.
More »

Consultants Consultants View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
A computer consultant is any person, presumably an expert, upon whom other people rely for information and advice about computer-related products and/or services.
Business Systems, By Region, CAD Systems, Databases, Data Transfer, More »

Data Communications Data Communications View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
The transfer of data between points. This includes all manual and machine operations necessary for this transfer.
Cable Modem, Digital Hierarchy, DSL, Education, Ethernet, More »

Data Formats Data Formats View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
A set of specifications that defines the way different types of data should be stored in computer systems for use by applications or the end user.
3, A, Archive, B, C, More »

Desktop Publishing Desktop Publishing View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category is specifically reserved for sites pertaining to the digital creation and production of visual communications on desktop computer systems.
Greeting Cards, Software, More »

Directories Directories View: News Rack - DMoz

E-Books E-Books View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites with information about electronic books, including e-book guides, news reports on e-book business and technology, and pages about electronic book readers.
Compilers, Conferences, Guides, News and Media, Readers, More »

Education Education View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
All aspects of learning and teaching about and with computers including tutorials and teaching software.
Certification, Commercial Services, Courses, More »

Emulators Emulators View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Emulation is the process of simulating the hardware of one computer (particularly the processor) via software on a different one.
ABC80, Acorn, Amiga, Amstrad, Apple, More »

Ethics Ethics View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Articles, Codes of Ethics, Conferences, Directories, More »

FAQs, Help, and Tutorials FAQs, Help, and Tutorials View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites in this category should be very general in nature. If your site focusses on a specific aspect of computers (e.g.
For a Fee, More »

Graphics Graphics View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Animation, Books, Clip Art, Fonts, Textures, More »

Hacking Hacking View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Hacking is about gaining more knowledge through the use of computers.This category contains links to sites about hacking, cracking, anarchy, credit card fraud and the like.
Chats and Forums, Conventions, Cracking, Cryptography, Ethics, More »

Hardware Hardware View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This area is for anything related to computer hardware including technical support sites, product reviews, and home built/kit hardware and just about anything else you can think of related to the physical world of computers.
Buses, Cables, Calculators, Components, Education, More »

History History View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Pioneers, References, More »

Home Automation Home Automation View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
The field of Home Automation is expanding rapidly as electronic technologies converge. The home network encompasses communications, entertainment, security, convenience and information systems.
Products and Manufacturers, Software, Vendors, More »

Human-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) covers a wide range of topics such as human characteristics, activities and behavior, the design of objects, relevant to the implementation of interactive computer systems and aimed to optimization of the relationship between technology and human.
Academic, Companies and Consultants, Conferences, Directories, Methodologies, More »

Internet Internet View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This is not a category in which to be included. If you have a site which has to do with the internet, please look below this category for the appropriate one.Submission Guidelines - The Open Directory Project editors are committed to building the most useful Directory on the Internet.
Abuse, Access Providers, Broadcasting, Chat, Child Safety, More »

Intranet Intranet View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
A private network that uses Internet software and Internet standards. In essence, an Intranet is a private Internet reserved for use by people who have been given the access necessary to use that network.
Consultants, Corporate Portals, News and Media, More »

Mailing Lists Mailing Lists View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites connected with actual mailing lists dealing with computers in general.
More »

Mobile Computing Mobile Computing View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Application Developers, News and Media, Research, Rugged Hardware, Symbian, More »

Multimedia Multimedia View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category is for very general sites covering the topic of multimedia.
Demoscene, Development Frameworks, Digital Video, FAQs, Help, and Tutorials, MPEG, More »

News and Media News and Media View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Books, Magazines and E-zines, Weblogs, More »

Open Source Open Source View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category is for information about Open Source -- the movement, the philosophy, the people, and of course, to some extent, the products.
Advocacy, Articles, Books, Conferences, Directories, More »

Organizations Organizations View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
General computer-related organizations.
Associations, Committees, Directories, Non-Profit, Professional, More »

Parallel Computing Parallel Computing View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Parallel computing is the science and art of programming computers that can do more than one operation at once, concurrently, during the same cycle, often via having more than one processor.
Beowulf, Conferences, Documentation, Programming, Projects, More »

Performance and Capacity Performance and Capacity View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Few years ago Performance and Capacity was mainly a mainframe related job performed by MVS gurus.
Benchmarking, Capacity Planning, CPU Saturation Models, Response Time Models, More »

Programming Programming View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Computer programming is the art of writing software, instructions for computers to follow. At the base level, as understood by the computer, these instructions are written in machine code, or binary, pure numbers, quite difficult for humans to read and write.
Agents, Compilers, Component Frameworks, Conferences, Contests, More »

Robotics Robotics View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Robotics is a term coined by Isaac Asimov to describe the field of science involving robots and related technologies.
Arts, Building, Companies, Competitions, Directories, More »

Security Security View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Concerns the protection of system resources and data from unauthorized use or access in stand alone or networked environments.Security measures are implemented through a combination of software, hardware and physical restrictions.
Advisories and Patches, Authentication, Biometrics, Chats and Forums, Conferences, More »

Shopping Shopping View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
In this category you'll find resources and links to categories related to the process of shopping for computers.
Gifts, More »

Software Software View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
In order to handle the large number of sites that are added to the Software category every day, the editors of this category ask that you please choose an appropriate subcategory for your link.
A, Abandonware, Accounting, B, Backup, More »

Speech Technology Speech Technology View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category tracks significant software/hardware advances, companies and sites in the area of speech processing, recognition and voice control for computers.
Hardware, Linux, Medical Transcription, Research, Resellers, More »

Supercomputing Supercomputing View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
A supercomputer is, generally, a really big and fast computer. The standard of what exactly constitutes a supercomputer has evolved with the capabilities of the computing industry.
Companies, Conferences, Cray, Directories, More »

Systems Systems View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
A collection of computer hardware and operating systems components designed to work together. Often referred to as a "platform".
Acorn, Amiga, Amstrad, Apple, Atari, More »

Usenet Usenet View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Usenet, or Netnews, is a world-wide distributed discussion system. Traditional access to newsgroups, or discussion fora, requires newsreader software and access to a newsserver.
Etiquette, FAQs, Feed Services, Hierarchies, History, More »

Virtual Reality Virtual Reality View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Virtual Reality (VR) and emersive virtual environments.
Companies, Conferences, Haptics, Hardware, Human Interaction, More »

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