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Open Directory's Society section covers the areas of human interaction and people's thoughts, speculations, and aspirations about the world they live in. This category covers topics directly about people, such as People, Ethnicity, Genealogy, and Disabled. And it covers experiences inherent to being human, in Sexuality, Death, Transgendered, Subcultures, Lifestyle Choices, and Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual. Society covers people's relationships with each other in topics such as Relationships, Activism, Advice, Crime, Support Groups, Work, Military, Politics, Issues, Law, Government, and Organizations. It covers people's perceptions and understandings of the universe they live in, in Philosophy, Paranormal, Urban Legends, and Religion and Spirituality. And it covers people's relationship to time, in topics such as History, Future, and Holidays.

Activism Activism View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Activism "emphasizes direct vigorous action especially in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue" according to Merriam-Webster.
Anti-Corporation, Anti-Media, Cacerolazo, Community Building, Consumer, More »

Advice Advice View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
As a sub-category of "Society", this category deals with advice on the 'human condition', rather than, for example, motor mechanics.
Email Advice, Members Only, Personal Pages, Syndicated, Web Columns, More »

Crime Crime View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites and categories about criminals, particular types of crime, or criminal activity, and justice systems.
Abuse, Criminals, Domestic Violence, Internet Crime, Kidnapping, More »

Death Death View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites related to the issues surrounding Death and Dying.
Death Care, In Memoriam, Near Death Experiences, News and Media, Suicide, More »

Disabled Disabled View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
People with disabilities - how they live, learn, work, play and travel. Also disability news, studies, information, and statistics.
Arts, Assistive Technology, Business, Chats and Forums, Children, More »

Ethnicity Ethnicity View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Categories organized by their focus on specific racial and ethnic groups.
A, African, Albanian, Aromanian, Asian, More »

Folklore Folklore View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
The traditional beliefs, legends, customs, proverbs, riddles, music, dance, stories, and other lore of various cultures which were passed down orally from person to person through the ages.
Academic Departments, Death and Funeral Customs, Literature, Magic, Organizations, More »

Future Future View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category is for speculation and research about the future, including competing views by futurists.
Academic Departments, Catastrophes, Chats and Forums, Consultants, Essays, More »

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
The Society: Gay,_Lesbian,_and_Bisexual/ category is intended for sites related to gay, lesbian, bisexual as people, their sexual orientation, lifestyle choices, sexuality, gender issues.
Advice, Allies, Arts and Entertainment, Bisexual, Business and Finance, More »

Genealogy Genealogy View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category contains sites concerning genealogy and the study of family histories, including specific family surnames and genealogy related to specific geographical areas.
Adoption, By Ethnic Group, By Region, Chats and Forums, Directories, More »

Government Government View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
The government sector: resources related to the "business" of governing, sites of and about world and interregional governing bodies, and links to "government" categories elsewhere in the Open Directory.
Aviation Authorities, By Country, By Region, Companies Registries, Conferences and Events, More »

History History View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
History, in brief, is the humanity which explains the human condition based on the chronological record of significant events and their related causes.
Academic Departments, By Region, By Time Period, By Topic, Chats and Forums, More »

Holidays Holidays View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Sites listed in this category explore holidays from a general perspective--i.e. photography, why people celebrate, discussion forums related to holidays in general, and so forth.
Anzac Day, April Fool's Day, Arbor Day, Australia Day, Bastille Day, More »

Issues Issues View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category links to sites dealing with every kind of social and political issue and controversy.
A, Abortion, Animal Welfare, Apathy, B, More »

Law Law View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category is a resource for law-related websites, including law firms, legal information, primary legal materials, paralegal services, legal publications and technology, expert witnesses, litigation consultants, and other legal service providers.
Conferences, Courts, Education, Employment, Law Enforcement, More »

Lifestyle Choices Lifestyle Choices View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Categories and sites for alternate lifestyles, intentional and utopian communities, and specific practices.
Car Free, Childfree, Intentional Communities, Luddism, Veganism, More »

Military Military View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
This category is for general information about the military. Sites focusing on the military of a particular country should be listed in Regional instead of here.
Arts and Literature, Aviation, By Country, Directories, Educational and Academic, More »

Organizations Organizations View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
English language web sites of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, as well as links to other directory categories for organizations and clubs not of a business or governmental nature.
A, Advocacy, Animal Welfare, B, C, More »

Paranormal Paranormal View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
The paranormal deals with that which cannot be scientifically explained. ESP, Extraterrestrial Life, Psychic Powers, and other topics are covered here.
Bermuda Triangle, Chats and Forums, Crop Circles, Directories, Ghosts, More »

People People View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
People in their many shapes, sizes, and appearances.
Celebrities, College Life, Cowboys, Expatriates, Furry, More »

Philanthropy Philanthropy View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Broadly defined, philanthropy is goodwill to mankind as demonstrated by the readiness to promote human welfare.
Cause Related Shopping, Cheer and Support, Child Welfare, Disaster Relief and Recovery, Free Donations, More »

Philosophy Philosophy View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Philosophy, from the Greek words philo (love) and sophia (wisdom), refers to the rational inquiry of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, and conduct.
Academic Departments, Aesthetics, Analytic Philosophy, Chats and Forums, Conferences, More »

Politics Politics View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Politics is the art of reforming a society through public policy, and a hallmark (and curse) of civilization.
Alternative Political Systems, Anarchism, By Country, By Region, Campaigns and Elections, More »

Relationships Relationships View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Websites about interpersonal relationships, including but not limited to romantic relationships.
Advice, Alternative Lifestyles, Anger Management, Chats and Forums, Cyber Relationships, More »

Religion and Spirituality Religion and Spirituality View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Religion is a social phenomenon involving systems of shared practices, views, symbols, and moral values.
A, Advaita Vedanta, African, Agnosticism, Arts, More »

Sexuality Sexuality View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Educational or information sites about human sexuality and sexual practice.
Activities and Practices, Advice, Celibacy, Chats and Forums, Children and Adolescents, More »

Subcultures Subcultures View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Take a walk outside your world just a second, not out of your office or out of your house but almost into a different plane of existance.
Anti Social, Bikers, Cyberculture, Directories, Emo, More »

Support Groups Support Groups View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Any sites that can offer an opportunity to gain support, or give support, to people dealing with these issues.
Codependency, Kids, Opposing Views, Rape, Ritual Abuse, More »

Transgendered Transgendered View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Transgendered individuals are those who have a gender (a mental measure of masculinity, femininity, or something else entirely) which does not match their sex (being physically male or female).
Academic, Activism, Arts and Entertainment, Coming Out, Conferences, More »

Work Work View: News Rack - Sub-Categories - DMoz
Focus is on work as a part of life: the work ethic, balancing work with family life, work schedules, etc.
Career and Job Advancement, Company Loyalty, Coworker Relations, Grievances, Job Burnout, More »

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