Addicted To Your Cellphone? Nomophobia On The Rise

The fear of being apart from your cellphone -- or nomophobia -- is on the rise, according to a study by SecurEnvoy.

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  • O'BRIEN: How addicted are you to your smartphone? Take the quiz
    Hate to say it, but I have nomophobia ... How addicted to your phone are you? Here's a Baylor University quiz. Let's see how bad things are for you. All are yes or no answers: 1. The first thing I reach for after waking up in the morning is my cellphone.
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  • Psychiatrist talks about cell phone addiction
    Gretchen Goldsmith/ "Oh I'm ver addicted to my phone, I'm on it all the time." Kimberly Parmigiano/ "Oh my gosh, probably use my cellphone 15 hours a day ... way of your normal function of daily life." "Nomophobia" is t fear of being separated from ...
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  • Addicted to your phone? You could be suffering from Nomophobia!
    If at every question, you nod your head in the affirmative then you definitely are suffering from Nomophobia. First identified in 2008 ... a condition named cellphone vibration syndrome. These mobile phone users get anxiety if they run out of battery ...
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  • Nomophobia is The Name For Smartphone Addiction
    That feeling is known to some as ghost ring or vibrate, but also known as cellphone vibration ... While the symptoms of nomophobia seem cut and dry, there are other aspects and ways to tell if you’re addicted. Harris Interactive conducted a study to ...
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  • Why cellphone addiction is now on the rehab menu
    Nomophobia is a term first coined by British researchers during ... explore the psychological roots of their vulnerability to becoming addicted to it and master emotional, cognitive and behavioral techniques to regain their autonomy. Hopefully, Morningside ...
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    What you can do if you're addicted to your cell phone.
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  • Nomophobia: A Rising Trend in Students | Psychology Today
    Among today’s high school and college students, it’s on the rise: an increasing number of college students now shower with their cell phone.
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  • Cell Phone Addiction
    Put down the phone. Be present and be in the moment for just one day. Enjoy the conversation of those that are physically with you, those who have chosen ...
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  • Cell phone addiction has a name, and yes, there is formal ...
    While certainly not as debilitating as other chemical based addictions, nomophobia has its first recovery center in southern California. Nomophobia is the term ...
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    Addiction Treatment Services. Family Counseling Center provides multi-leveled addiction treatment services that are designed to educate our clients on the causes of ...
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