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Think you’ve suffered as a fan? Here are some reasons the Bears now have you beat.

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  • Chicago Bears
    The Packers got a big win in Dallas, the Patriots and the Texans were dominant and the Chiefs finally lost. But Sunday offered some reminders of what’s wrong with the N.F.L. Daniel Jones, the rookie ...
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  • A ‘mass invasion’ of polar bears is terrorizing an island town. Climate change is to blame.
    The Canadian photographer described the scene as “soul-crushing” but said he was moved to share it in an attempt to “break down the walls of apathy.” The marine invasion in Russia, in testing the ...
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  • This Bears Loss Was Particularly Soul-Crushing. Let’s Count the Ways.
    It was a 6-point favorite over Philadelphia, the biggest spread of the round. The Bears were 12-4 in the regular season and had won nine of their last 10, and had lost only one home game this season.
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  • Power Ranking Round-Up: Bears drop (slightly) after loss
    Despite the Bears' soul-crushing loss at the leg of Aaron Rodgers last week, it seems the national consensus remains the same: the Bears might be good?? As Power Rankings coming rolling in this ...
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  • Are polar bears being killed by climate change?
    ‘Video of Starving Polar Bear “Rips Your Heart Out of Your Chest” ’ was the New York Times headline, while The Guardian described how this ‘“Soul-crushing” video ... Polar bears are notoriously hard ...
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