At Cannes Covering The Film Festival

65th Cannes Film Festival

You had probably noticed that the site was down for a couple hours on Monday and hadn’t been updated until this morning. I was on my way to the airport for Cannes and, of course, the site had to go down. It’s not my fault though. There server crapped out because of hardware issues, and my site had to be moved to another one. That took about three hours. Well, actually, it only took about half an hour, but I didn’t know the site was down and out until two and half hours later.

I just let mysql do its magic each time the site shutdowns down unexpectedly, which is to check each table for corruption. Luckily, all of the tables are good. This process always take many hours because I have a couple tables that are three to ten gigabytes. During this process, I couldn’t update the site because it wouldn’t allow any writes to the tables. I’m just glad the site was up and running, even if it was a bit outdated.

My flight took about ten hours with a ten hour layover at London, so that’s twenty hours without wifi. London was grey and chilly. It took us another four hours to get to Cannes. That’s why the site wasn’t updated until early this morning.

This is my second time at Cannes for the film festival. The first time, I paid for the Film Market pass (Marche du Film), which gave me access to press screenings and other screenings from the international film market. This time I got in as press for Movies With Butter. Chun Chou got in as press for Wopular.

During our first day, Chun and I got our press passes and just kinda surveyed the area. We missed the early morning screening for the opening film, Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” starring Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand and Edward Norton. We’re watching it later in the evening though.

The weather has been unexpectedly windy and decently warm. Without the wind, it would be perfect. The last time I was here which was several years ago, it was very hot and dry. In terms of the number of people attending and the atmosphere, It’s just as crazy as before.

I’m covering the festival for Movies With Butter, so you can head over there for my Cannes coverage. Chun is covering it for Wopular. You can follow her coverage in the blogs section.

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