Latest Version Of All-in-one Sidebar Add-on Causes Firefox To Lag

All-in-One Sidebar

I’ve installed the All-in-One Sidebar add-on for Firefox for a while now. When I’m updating news in the mornings for Wopular, I open up over twenty tabs and Firefox has been corporative. A couple days ago, I’ve noticed that after opening a handful of tabs, the browser became unresponsive.

I started to wonder if it was the Tree Style Tab add-on I was using, but I remember that I got a notice that the All-in-One Sidebar had been updated. At first, I disabled both add-ons, and Firefox was back to its speedy self again. I tend tested out each add-on separately and found out it was the All-in-One Sidebar.

I’ve noticed the lag with Firefox 11 and 12. I suspect it’s the latest release of All-in-One Sidebar (0.7.15) that’s causing the problem. Other users on the comments section of the add-on on Mozilla mentioned the lag time on the latest release too. I hope the developer fixes this issue soon. I’ve disabled it for now.

The All-in-Sidebar addon allows you to view a website on the sidebar. It’s pretty convenient when you have a wide screen. If you’re writing, for instance, you can load up a reference site on the sidebar as you’re writing your story on the main window.

It’s also highly customizable. You can put shortcuts in the form of icons on a thin vertical strip that you can load up on the sidebar. Very handy, I have my bookmarks, plugins, and other addons there. Now I’ll have to stick them back on the horizontal navbar.

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