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How to Create Custom Snap Layouts in Windows With PowerToys

With the Snap Layouts feature in Windows, you can snap your windows into different positions and organize your computer screen to your liking. As useful as this feature is, it does not give you the option to edit pre-defined layouts or customize them in any way.


The Raspberry Pi Pico W Has Connectivity Issues: Here's How to Fix Them

If you ran your Raspberry Pi Pico W for a very long time, the chances are that you would eventually notice that your program isn't running anymore.


How the Xbox Series S Set a New Standard for Budget Consoles

When it comes to console gaming, you may consider several priorities before deciding between all the next-gen options available. But if you're looking for the best budget console that still enables a next-generation gaming experience, the Xbox Series S is in its own league.


Get the Yeedi Vac at Its Lowest Price With Exclusive MUO Code

Robot vacuum cleaners are generally awesome to have, but they can be rather pricey. Of course, there are loads of options available out there, and we tested out a few Yeedi ones to know that these models are worth every penny. With the MUO30YEEDI $30 code and the $120 coupon that's already available to use on Amazon, you can get the Yeedi Vac for a mere $150, which is 50% off the vac's regular price.


How to Fix the Camera App’s 0xA00F429F Error in Windows 10 & 11

Webcams are essential for video conference calls and making videos. However, some users can’t use their webcams with the Windows Camera app because of the 0xA00F429F error. The error shows a “Can’t start your camera” message with the code 0xA00F429F (and 0x887A0004) in the Windows Camera app.


Carbonyl Lets You Use a Graphical Web Browser in Your Linux Terminal

Browsing the internet in your terminal is cool, but limited. Image support can be sketchy, and JavaScript may as well not exist. If you plan on consuming media, you're out of luck.


Microsoft Edge’s New Split Screen Feature: Will It Affect the Way You Use Tabs?

Microsoft is testing a new feature for Edge that allows you to split tabs within a single browser. The split screen feature, first discovered by a Reddit user, is accessible via an experimental flag in Edge Canary.


What Kind of Malware Is the Most Dangerous?

The online landscape is littered with various kinds of malware, many of which have the potential to harm you in some way. But out of all the strains of malware out there today, which are the most dangerous, and which pose the biggest threat to organizations and individuals alike?


The Top 6 Free Apps for Wellness Journaling on Your Mac

Keeping a welfare or gratitude journal simply means writing down what you’re thankful for on a regular basis. Welfare journaling is often recommended as a positive practice for your mental well-being, as it helps you to reframe your daily life in a more positive way, thus improving your self-esteem.


4 Ways to Run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter on Windows

Just because developers built an app for an older version of Windows, it doesn’t mean you can’t run it on a newer version of the OS. Through compatibility mode, you can easily run old programs without any issues a majority of the time.


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