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DeSantis, Republicans win big: How Florida went from swing state to red state — in visuals

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Republicans won big in the state's midterm elections, flipping even the Democratic stronghold of Miami-Dade County.


Kim Kardashian says she was 'disgusted and outraged' by Balenciaga holiday campaign

Balenciaga ambassador Kim Kardashian said she was "shaken" by the luxury fashion house's campaign and its "disturbing images."


32 things we learned from Week 12 of 2022 NFL season: QB Mike White moves Jets into playoff field

If the NFL playoffs began today, three teams from each conference who didn't make it last year would be in the postseason field, including the Jets.


Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 58 of top 100 US medical schools: report

The next generation of America’s top doctors could be more concerned about a patient’s race than previous generations. 


SEE IT: Christmas trees will needle buyers this season with prices expected to rise

Americans should expect Christmas trees to cost more this year, and they may want to buy their spruces early, according to a survey of wholesale growers.


If I were a trans kid today: Here's what potentially saved my life

It is 2004, and I am 13 years old. I am sitting at the computer, mouse poised to close my tab if my dad came in to look over my shoulder. He rarely did though, as he had no conception of the bizarre information I was accessing online. During my time reading fan fiction, an intriguing website had caught my eye. This apparently innocuous link altered the trajectory of my life for the next 15 years. 


Security and crime expert provides ‘back to the basics’ advice as crime creeps closer to college campuses

Violent crimes have throttled cities across the country in recent years, and reports show that crime incidents are inching closer to some college campuses in recent days, igniting fear among some students and parents on how to bolster personal safety.


Johnny Cash’s sister says the ‘Man in Black’ gave 'his heart back' to God before his death: 'There is hope'

To the world, Johnny Cash was the "Man in Black," whose songs of hard living and finding salvation surpassed genres for more than four decades. But to his sister Joanne Cash, the seemingly mythical figure of music was simply "a country boy."


Adopted as a child, Texas woman is now helping others find hope and feel loved at Christmas

There was a time in her life when Elizabeth Groff, born in Ukraine, felt completely absent of hope and love. Living in an orphanage with no family at all, she felt forgotten and alone. But a single yet significant act of giving at Christmastime — involving a shoebox full of toys, sent and distributed by people who didn't even know her — sparked a light in the darkness of her young life.


Merriam-Webster names 'gaslighting' as its word of 2022

It means downright deceitful. Manipulating. Misleading. Merriam-Webster has named its word of 2022 - "gaslighting."


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