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Just 'call him Harry': Prince Harry shows signs of change ahead of official royal step back

Prince Harry returned to the U.K. for a Wednesday appearance as the clock winds down on his time as a senior member of the royal family.


Learn how to make pasta on a gorgeous rooftop in Rome

The best Italian souvenir is learning how to cook like a local


Where was Long Island iced tea invented, and who makes it best?

Was it actually invented in Long Island, New York? Or Tennessee?


Fourth Diamond Princess passenger dies; coronavirus fears halt MSC ship, Alitalia flight

MSC Cruises' Meraviglia was turned away from ports in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands; Alitalia passengers left Africa rather than enter quarantine.


Coronavirus: 700 New York residents who traveled to China under voluntary quarantine

At least 700 travelers who returned to New York from areas affected by coronavirus since Feb. 3 faced voluntary quarantine. Here's what that entails.


A snowy hot springs where clothing is optional after dark

If you are a bit of an exhibitionist and can handle the exposed snowy shuffle from the snow-covered chairs down to the pool, Strawberry Park Hot Springs has the wintery night time soak for you.


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Jesse Ashlock talks travel trends with CNN's Richard Quest


Road trips: From Princeton to Berkeley, these five college towns are too pretty to pass up

These towns are worth a stop on your next road trip – even if you've long outgrown your kegger days but aren't touring colleges with your kids yet.


5 of America's prettiest college towns, from Berkeley, California, to Madison, Wisconsin

Take a tour of Princeton, New Jersey; Berkeley, California; Madison, Wisconsin; Charlottesville, Virginia; and Bloomington, Indiana.


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