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Secret doorway discovered under London's House of Commons

The UK Parliament has announced the discovery of a previously-hidden door that had been built for the coronation of King Charles II in 1661.
The discovery was made as part of a long-term restoration project by the Parliament's Architecture and Heritage Team.


United Airlines flight makes emergency landing after phone battery catches fire

An United Airlines flight From New Jersey to the Bahamas had to make an emergency landing after one carry-on proved too hot to handle.


Krakow has history, culture and shops. Up the river, so does Torun — minus the crowds.

Torun’s role as a trading center in the Middle Ages brought many influences.


Why your next vacation should be in Canada

An essential overview of what to see, eat, buy, say (or not say) and more.


Are city passes worth it? Here’s how to tell

Before buying, make sure the discounts line up with the attractions on your itinerary.


Two airlines increased baggage fees. Which ones are next?

Passengers can avoid the $5 hike by paying at least 24 hours in advance.


The Denver Zoo welcomes its first-ever baby rhino after a 'heroic effort' from zoo staff -- and mom

Zoo staff confirmed Tensing the rhino was pregnant in December 2018 after four years and 11 attempts.


Coronavirus: Disney World tells workers who traveled to Italy to stay home amid virus fears

Walt Disney World instructed cast members who recently visited Italy to stay home following the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, officials confirmed.


Europe's most beloved pilgrimage sites: Camino de Santiago, Assisi, Wittenberg and beyond

With pilgrimages, the point is to go beyond tourism and connect more deeply with a place, a culture or a faith. Rick Steves shares several favorites.


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Take a dip in Colorado's beautiful hot springs in snowy Strawberry Park, where nighttime rules leave the choice of attire up to the guests.


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