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6 Things That Calendars From the Special Counsel’s Office Tell Us

The Mueller team got to work quickly, newly disclosed calendars show. But prosecutors made time for cake, too.


What Grade Would You Give Donald Trump?

The president won’t release his college transcript. But we can guess what it says.


How the Promise of a $120 Billion Uber I.P.O. Evaporated

Uber’s offering was supposed to be a crowning moment for the ride-hailing company. But it suffered setback after setback and ultimately resulted in pointed questions for all involved.


Wheels: New Parts for Old Cars May Keep Them Running, but Sink Their Value

While technology like 3-D printing makes car collecting less expensive and more accessible, it has also made it harder to determine the actual value of a car.


Meanwhile: I Wanted a Mobile Art Studio. So I Built One, in the Back of a Honda.

It's got custom cabinetry and enough juice to run color-balanced lights. See you on the road.


Poem: A Voice From the Wreck

The speaker is neither witness nor victim but oracle.


Uber’s Stock Disappoints, Capping a Rocky Path to Its I.P.O.

Last year, investment bankers said the company could be valued at $120 billion upon its I.P.O. That number has declined in recent weeks.


With Interest: The Week in Business: The Truth About Drug Costs, and Uber’s Disappointing I.P.O.

Plus, the continuing trade drama with China, and a pledge to end extremist content online.


Uber I.P.O. Values Ride-Hailing Giant at $82.4 Billion

At $45 a share, the company became the third largest for a firm going public on an American exchange.


Past Tense: When Neon Owned the Night

Glitz, grit and the vintage glow of urban America


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