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Letter: Senate bills deserve support

State Sen. Lynda Wilson, R-Vancouver, and a bipartisan group of fellow senators have introduced two bills which deserve bipartisan support. The first bill, SB 5147, creates a sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products. The second bill, SB 5148, permits hunters to wear fluorescent pink safety clothing in addition to traditional orange safety clothing. Both of these “pink” bills are worthwhile endeavors which deserve widespread support.


Letter: Democratic Party hijacked

There are many decent, common-sense Democrats who need to speak up against their leadership’s positions. Let’s take a look at Nancy Pelosi, a leader who clearly has lost her common sense. She is for sanctuary cities, she calls herself a good Christian (she is Catholic) but supports abortion even late term. Pelosi and her husband, Paul, are worth in excess of $120 million but want you to believe that they are for the common people.


Letter: Hold contractor accountable

A contractor sent a rock through a family’s roof in Washougal (“Rock falls into Washougal family’s home,” Jan. 18, The Columbian). Where are the code enforcement people and other regulators? And why, after committing such a dangerous, irresponsible act, is this contractor still being allowed to blast on the construction site?


Death Notices

Alder, Stephanie M., 41, Carrolls, died Jan. 22, 2019. All County Cremation and Burial Services, 360-718-7948.
Antle, David M., 73, Vancouver, died Jan. 13, 2019. Brown’s Funeral Home & Cremation Services, 360-834-3692.
Graham, Helen “Mavis,” 94, Battle Ground, died Jan. 20, 2019. Layne’s Battle Ground Funeral Home, 360-687-3143.
Higgins, George E., 88, Vancouver, died Jan. 19, 2019. Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Funeral Chapel and Crematory, 360-892-6060.


Letter: Be sensible, replace I-5 Bridge

Overtures from sensible leadership in Vancouver to the Oregon Legislature assuaged their contempt for the shortsighted local naysayers, and they have agreed to come to the table to pursue the CRC project once more. All good? Anyone who travels across the I-5 Bridge regularly will shout, “It’s about time!” Then came the warning by the local committee that we may be doomed to repeat history. There was a lot of optimism after some of those obstructionists were voted out of office. Unfortunately, there still appears to be some appetite to allow this new initiative to fail.


Camden: Why Habib skipped address

Among the differences between the state House and Senate chambers — beyond the most obvious that there are twice as many representatives and thus twice as many desks on the House floor — is the rule about guns in the gallery. Ordinarily, it doesn’t make much difference; last week, it did.


Banfield study: Osteoarthritis in pets big problem

Fifty-one percent of dogs and 41 percent of cats newly diagnosed with osteoarthritis were considered overweight or obese in 2017, according to a study published Tuesday by Vancouver-based Banfield Pet Hospital and the North American Veterinary Community of Gainesville, Fla.
The findings were contained in the organizations’ third annual Veterinary Emerging Topics Report. The 2019 VET Report examines the management of osteoarthritis in overweight and obese dogs and cats — and identifies opportunities to improve their care.


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