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Beyond a BBQ: Ideas for Labor Day weekend fun

Labor Day weekend is often the last chance for families to have a warm-weather blast together. Here are some ideas for making the most of the extended weekend.



Storm Shield keeps families ahead of bad weather

As more families stay connected through smartphones, parents can use the Storm Shield app to make sure everyone stays aware of changing weather conditions, even if they can’t get to a phone right away.


3 ways to find a balance between school, sports

Establish priorities and give academics and athletics their proper place. Here are three things to help achieve harmony.


Tips for designing a student athlete's bedroom

Most of the basic rules for a relaxed home also apply for making it a great home base for the young athlete.


5 good habits for a successful school year

Getting an early start on establishing positive habits can take a so-so school year and bump it up to the next level.


6 kid-friendly tablet recommendations

Despite the many choices available for sale, not all tablets are meant for all ages. Some are specifically made for younger children, while others are meant to grow with them as the children mature.


5 books to read with your new kindergartener

The five books listed here perfectly capture the roller coaster ride of starting school.


5 apps for smarter studying

Fortunately, tweens and teens today have something in the palm of their hand that can help them study smarter rather than study longer: a smartphone.


The credit card that gives cash for good grades

A bonus is available within the first five years of a student opening an account with Discover.


LIVE STREAM: Fox News GOP debate

Follow the Fox News GOP debate along with us. We’ll provide up-to-the-minute updates throughout the debate, offer additional insight on topics as they are being discussed and share the best of what we find on social media.

Senh: Fox News has blocked other sites from streaming the debate. The only place you can see it online is on the Fox News website. Click here to go there.


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