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I knew Yahoo Buzz was one of the “sunset” sites - properties that would be shutdown by Yahoo. I still kept it on the site, but moved it to the bottom of the homepage. The quality of the articles being voted up have been on the low-end months before its eventual demise was announced; sometimes, you even get spam. The site had also been redesigned to its bare essentials.

Buzz was Yahoo’s answer to Digg a couple years ago when Digg was still hot and cool. It used to power the featured articles on Yahoo’s homepage. Now that everyone’s moved on to Facebook/Twitter or StumbleUpon for sharing articles, I guess it’s time for Yahoo to finally shut down its clone of a site that has been past its prime.

All articles from Buzz now redirects to Yahoo’s homepage, so I’ve removed all of its feeds from the site too.

Yahoo’s been known to buy sites and eventually run them to the ground - Geocities, I guess that list includes clones of sites they failed to buy too.


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