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Wait, Business Insider Does Sports Now?

Lebron James on Business Insider

I didn’t realize Business Insider does sports, until I saw a link to an article on Yahoo’s homepage titled “LeBron James referenced a 4-month-old Kevin Love quote in a tweet, and the fallout is getting absurd.”

I was shocked by the headline because Lebron’s tweet wasn’t getting the kind of reaction the headline suggests from sports sites like ESPN or NBA. But it made sense to me once I saw that it was from a Business Insider, a business site. What do you they know about sports, anyway? Yeah, I know I’m being condescending here.

The next game after Lebron’s tweet, which was against the lowly Los Angeles Lakers, Love scored 32 points. Lebron not only fed him multiple times, but also drew a couple of plays for him during timeouts.

There were no brouhaha over the tweet from any member of the Cleveland Cavaliers or the media. Sure, Lebron finally admitted that his tweet about fitting in was actually in reference to his teammate, but there was no big reaction to it from his teammates or the media.

In the end, the headline was just clickbait, and I’m sure the author knows his sports. Still, will Business Insider start covering everything under the sun like Mashable, which started as a tech site?


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