Comment on MWB Repost: After Scathing Reviews, "Fantastic Four" Tanks

MWB Repost: After Scathing Reviews, "Fantastic Four" Tanks

The Thing takes apart a tank in "Fantastic Four"

Oh, man. Here's early Friday box office report on

Things just went from bad to ugly for Fox’s “Fantastic Four” reboot. After being panned by critics before opening today (9% on Rotten Tomatoes), the studio was hoping that it would at least open to decent numbers at the box office. Their expectations were already low, in the $40M range (the previous two opened to $56M and $58M, respectively). Now it looks like the troubled film will not even reach the already lowered prediction.

“Fantastic Four” opened on Thursday evening and picked up a “lukewarm” $2.7M.

Today, based on matinee figures, Hollywood Reporter is reporting that “Fantastic Four” will gross $12M by the end of the day, and that figure already includes the $2.7M figure from evening screenings on Thursday.

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