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Should Congress ban the use of government shutdowns?

Several pieces of legislation have been proposed to make shutdowns obsolete, but many lawmakers want the threat to negotiate with.


Should navigation apps warn when police are nearby?

Some navigations apps do more than tell you when to turn left or right; they tell you when you're approaching a police checkpoint.


Was Matthew Whitaker disrespectful in his Congressional hearing?

With days left before the Senate votes to confirm his successor William Barr, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was called in to answer questions from the House Judiciary Committee


Should Ralph Northam resign?

The governor initially admitted to being in the photo and apologized, only to recant the next day.


Should former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz actually run for president?

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, has announced his intention to explore a run for president.


Is it realistic to save money after college?

Experts say that you should aim to save 25 percent of your gross pay by your early twenties and the equivalent of your annual salary by your thirties.


Can Democratic presidential nominees outrun their baggage?

As the Democratic field for president becomes more crowded every day, every life decision and each vote is coming under intense scrutiny.


Should the entire Mueller report be released to the public?

The nation is waiting with bated breath for the results of Robert Mueller's investigation


Should William Barr recuse himself from the Mueller investigation?

William Barr has accepted President Trump's nomination to replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.


Powerball numbers: Are you the lucky winner of Wednesday's $294 million lottery jackpot?

These are the winning numbers in the Powerball lottery drawing Wednesday.


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