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Scientists wake up regal fritillary caterpillars from hibernation at ZooAmerica

Using syringes, water and paintbrushes, scientists spent days checking to see which of the 14,000 caterpillar larvae survived the winter hibernation.


ZooAmerica prepares to release thousands of regal fritillary caterpillars into wild

ZooAmerica has undertaken a decades-long project to help rebuild the dwindling regal fritillary population.


Gun violence ruined my community. As a reporter, I try to help people who suffer as I did

I wanted to become a reporter so that I could tell stories of hope, suffering or success in overlooked neighborhoods like the one I grew up in.


Here are 8 Pennsylvania zoos to visit with your family this summer

Pennsylvania zoos provide an opportunity to see exotic animal species from around the world. Here's what you need to know in 2022


Zoos are making extraordinary efforts to save animals one species at a time

The evolution of zoos includes conservation programs to protect the survival of some of the planet's most threatened species.


Live updates: Pennsylvania 2022 primary coverage from across the state

Pennsylvanians go to the ballot box to choose Republican and Democratic candidates for governor, U.S. Senate and Congress.


Photos: See inside Martin Library renovation, closed since 2021.

See inside a $6 million renovation at Martin Library in York as it prepares for its reopening celebration in July.


Farmer grew up in the Baltimore suburbs fed by grocery stores; she had a revelation

Brittany Reardon grew up in the suburbs and had a revelation about the importance of local food. She loves the hard work at her Mad Radish Farm.


'Reprehensible': Dr. Oz condemns GOP opponent Kathy Barnette's tweet on Islam

In an interview, Senate candidate Mehmet Oz took issue with a 2015 tweet from Kathy Barnette in which she wrote that "Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam."


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