Don’t Believe These Social Security Myths

Researchers tell us that most people would be better off waiting to claim Social Security benefits. Yet most people file early. More than half apply for Social Security before they reach full retirement age, which is currently 66 and rising to 67 for people born in 1960 and later. More than 30% apply as soon... Liz Weston is a writer at NerdWallet.

  • Don't fall for these Social Security scams
    Dear Readers: According to AARP, the Social Security Administration estimates that scammers call thousands of people every day in an effort to get financial information or Social Security Numbers. ...
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  • Opinions | Faith in government powered Apollo 11. We don’t have that anymore.
    In 1958, trust was sky high: 73 percent. And why not? Washington had created the Tennessee Valley Authority, Social Security and the interstate highway system. It had vanquished a Great Depression and ...
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  • BBB: Don’t help hackers and hoodlums hijack your cyber security
    Register at https//, or call 877-926-8300, by Monday, July 15. Online thieves will take whatever they can get - your Social Security number, your bank account data, your date ...
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  • Get a call from the Social Security Administration? It's the latest government imposter scam
    Con artists tell lies — it’s how they make a living. Calling people and pretending to be with a government agency — IRS, Social Security, ICE, DEA, or the local sheriff’s department — is a ruse that’s ...
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  • Do the math. Here's why you shouldn't claim Social Security at 62
    Many would-be beneficiaries use a break-even analysis which, in essence, tells them the age (or ages) when it makes the most financial sense to claim benefits. Using this sort of analysis can be ...
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