Hawking Loses $100 Bet On Higgs Discovery

The apparent discovery of a particle that may explain how the universe is built has left one world-famous physicist reaching for his wallet.

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  • Stephen Hawking loses $100 bet on Higgs boson-like 'God particle'
    Stephen Hawking, whose work on the ... against a colleague a decade ago. The bet came due Wednesday after scientists from the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva claimed the discovery of what they say could be a Higgs boson, a long-theorized subatomic smidgen ...
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  • Stephen Hawking loses $100 bet over Higgs 'God Particle'
    The discovery of the a Higgs-like particle may be a major gain for the science community, but it may have cost famed scientist Stephen Hawking some pocket money. Hawking admitted in an interview with the British Broadcasting Co. that the discovery, which ...
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  • Stephen Hawking loses bet over "God particle" breakthrough
    A bet the Brit waged with another physicist about Higgs' research went buzzy Thursday morning. While Hawking told the BBC he said Higgs deserved the Nobel Prize, he had little faith in the scientist's undertaking. "I had a bet with Gordon Kane of Michigan ...
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  • Stephen Hawking Loses $100 Bet Over Higgs Boson Discovery [Video]
    The discovery of the higgs boson is a huge step forward to understanding the origins of the universe, but for Stephen Hawking, it means that he’s out $100. The famous theoretical physicist made a $100 bet with Gordon Kane that the higgs boson would never ...
    07/5/2012 - 5:07 am | View Link
  • ‘The God particle’: Professor Stephen Hawking loses $100 Higgs boson bet
    WHEN Peter Higgs first proposed that an invisible field strewn across space gave mass to the building blocks of the universe, the theory was ridiculed by some of the most respected minds of the time. His first paper was rejected by a journal, while other ...
    07/5/2012 - 2:56 am | View Link
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  • Stephen Hawking: I lost a $100 bet over Higgs boson ...
    Stephen Hawking: I lost a $100 bet over Higgs boson discovery. In an interview with the BBC, the famed physicist says he lost a bet over the discovery of the Higgs ...
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  • Professor Stephen Hawking Loses Higgs Boson God Particle ...
    His first paper was rejected by a journal, while other scientists accused him and his colleagues of failing to grasp the basic principles of physics.
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  • Higgs the mass killer: in defense of Stephen Hawking
    Stephen Hawking was brought to deep financial troubles when he lost $100 against TRF guest blogger Gordon Kane after the two men have agreed on a bet that ...
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