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  • Struggling to save sea lions
    Sunday - 01/25/2015 - 09:29 PM

    Low weights among sea lion pups on remote Channel Island breeding grounds and effects of a warmer ocean on adult females and yearlings could bring record-high strandings to Southern California beaches.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • New drug law may mean more deaths
    Sunday - 01/25/2015 - 02:00 AM

    Faced with years of soaring overdoses, Orange County leaders are directing more money to drug treatment centers – but a new law is emptying the very beds the county hopes to fill, and experts fear an increase in deaths.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • If you're TV shopping, go big and go home
    Saturday - 01/24/2015 - 12:32 AM

    TV or not TV? That is the question.Whether it’s better to watch the Super Bowl on your existing TV, or upgrade to something bigger, better, smarter or sharper?Every retailer in the known galaxy wants you to buy a TV right now, and it’s pretty...

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  • Invention competition shows off young masterminds at work
    Saturday - 01/24/2015 - 01:05 AM

    IRVINE – Dozens of young inventors, from kindergarten through grade 8, are competing today in Irvine Valley College’s Astounding Inventions competition.From the fantastic to solving everyday quandaries, these aspiring scientists have designed...

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  • Marijuana petitioners growing impatient with Costa Mesa
    Friday - 01/23/2015 - 09:17 PM

    The petitioners behind an initiative to bring medical pot dispensaries to Costa Mesa are growing impatient with the city, saying Costa Mesa is not moving quickly enough to create its own ordinance to regulate pot shops.When the City Council directed...

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  • Irvine CEO arrested in child porn investigation
    Friday - 01/23/2015 - 07:27 PM

    An Orange County CEO suspected of using a social messaging application to convince two young boys to trade explicit photos and videos of each other is being held on $2 million bail.Qayed Murtaza Shareef, 39, is facing 33 felonies, including more than...

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  • After contentious debate, Buddhist temple leaving Fullerton
    Friday - 01/23/2015 - 01:51 PM

    FULLERTON – A Buddhist monastery and temple that has been holding services in a single-family home, to the objection of some, is moving out of the city, a temple spokesman said.The decision to move comes after months of debate over whether the...

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  • Gas prices will not fall for long
    Friday - 01/23/2015 - 06:42 PM

    California gas prices continue to fall, but they are still much higher than the national average.
    And they are likely to stop falling in the next few months, as refineries make the required switch to a gasoline blend used in spring and summer, which...

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  • Mom stayed with boys as fire engulfed San Juan Capistrano home
    Friday - 01/23/2015 - 12:28 AM

    It came as no surprise to Maricela Sanchez’s sisters to hear that the young mother remained near her boys as flames enveloped their smoke-filled room inside a San Juan Capistrano condominium.“We know she really loved them, like any mother...

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  • 250 cameras are watching you
    Thursday - 01/22/2015 - 08:10 PM

    Q. Dear Honk: I've recently noticed cameras on the northbound 5 freeway around Barranca Parkway that appear to be focused on the carpool lane. Are these cameras monitoring carpool-lane use for statistical purposes, catching carpool violators or...

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