Columbus Dispatch

  • ACLU questions DeWine grant to religious-based group
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 01:14 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A $300,000 state grant from Attorney General Mike DeWine to Athletes in Action is being challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio because it is a religious-affiliated organization.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Drexel Theatre added to National Register of Historic Places
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 02:02 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};The Drexel Theatre has been added to the National Register of Historic Places. The 1937 Art Deco cinema, at 2254 E. Main St., is the fifth Bexley site recognized as a historic place worthy of preservation.

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  • Ohio Politics Now: Steven Kraus found guilty of theft, removed from Ohio House
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 08:45 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};The Ohio House is a member short after an Ottawa County jury found Rep. Steven Kraus guilty of felony theft Monday. The Republican from Sandusky who is also an auctioneer had been accused of stealing antiques and other items from a home though he said he had permission to take the items, which he later returned.

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  • 2 charged in Akron with posing as FBI agents
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 06:51 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Akron police officers charged two men early Saturday whom they said impersonated FBI agents, kicked in a door of a Akron home and robbed an occupant of a large amount of marijuana.

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  • Flooding relief in works for Columbus residents
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 05:18 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Basement flooding caused by heavy, sudden rains can ruin appliances, furniture and mementos. For Iyad Murib, such recent downpours threatened his livelihood. Murib, owner of Eureka Market, was among the hundreds of people who called the city of Columbus this year to report flooded streets, homes and businesses.

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    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 12:01 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};This list is compiled from voluntary submissions by parents to hospitals.

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  • Man critically injured in East Side shooting
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 03:58 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A man was found shot multiple times in the parking lot of an East Side apartment complex early Tuesday. The man was found in front of a building in the 3700 block of Noam Court in the Kimberly Meadows apartments in the area of Courtright Road and Kimberly Parkway North around 2:15 a.m.

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  • Ohio Rep. Steven Kraus guilty of felony theft
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 05:29 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};PORT CLINTON, Ohio — A northern Ohio lawmaker accused of stealing antiques and other items from a home while doing work as an auctioneer has been convicted on a felony theft charge and immediately removed from office under state law.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Franklinton woman pleads guilty to involvement in man's death
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 03:28 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};She didn’t pull the trigger, but Ariana C. Ruddock encouraged an accomplice to kill a man who kept breathing after being shot in a Franklinton motel room, a Franklin County prosecutor said.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Wheeler dog park closed after report of dog's death
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 01:33 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};The dog park at Wheeler Memorial Park remained closed today after a report that a dog fell ill and died after being at the park last week.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Toledo funeral home owner pleads not guilty to corpse abuse
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 01:55 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};TOLEDO, Ohio -- The owner of an Ohio funeral home where several bodies intended for cremation were found in a state of decay has pleaded not guilty to corpse abuse charges.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Rep. Bill Patmon introduces bill to strip state funding from Planned Parenthood
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 02:22 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};More than one hundred anti-abortion protestors rallying at the Statehouse this morning erupted in applause as Rep. Bill Patmon, D-Cleveland, announced he was introducing a bill that would strip state funding from Planned Parenthood.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Ohio mother arrested for locking out daughter in summer heat
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 06:50 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A Cincinnati-area woman was arrested for kicking her mentally handicapped 11-year-old daughter out of her house and refusing to let her back inside despite the summertime heat, police said on Monday.

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  • House fire on Hilltop hospitalizes two
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 07:07 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Two persons were hospitalized after a Tuesday morning fire in a house on the Hilltop.

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  • Buckeye Lake businesses seek disaster-area aid
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 05:56 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};At least 14 Buckeye Lake-area businesses are claiming losses of more than 50 percent of their sales since April. The claims were submitted in an attempt to get the federal Small Business Administration to declare the region an economic disaster area.

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  • New 380 area code coming in January to complement 614
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 02:25 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-BUSINESS","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-BUSINESS"};The 614 area code will get a partner next year — and telephone users will have six months to get ready for it. Beginning Jan.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Tax incentives could create 2,000 jobs in Central Ohio
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 01:50 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-BUSINESS","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-BUSINESS"};Central Ohio stands to gain 2,200 jobs from projects that received approval this morning for state tax incentives, including 2,000 jobs that Amazon expects to add in Obetz and in Licking County as part of an expansion by the online retailer of its distribution center operations.

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  • Man dubbed 'Monster mobster' in Florida jail
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 02:56 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A suspect in the robberies of five businesses in northeastern Franklin County remained in a Florida jail today. The man had been dubbed the “Monster mobster” by local law-enforcement officials because, in at least one of the robberies, he wore a black hooded sweat shirt with the Monster Energy drinks logo on the front.

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  • Red-light-camera lobbyist off convention-center and Veterans Memorial boards
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 01:19 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};John Raphael’s term has expired on the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority, and commissioners will not reappoint the lobbyist at the center of Columbus’ red-light camera scandal.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Judge drops rape charges against Columbus firefighter
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 01:54 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A Delaware County judge dismissed charges against a Columbus firefighter accused of having sex with a young girl 10 years ago, but the prosecutor’s office may re-file them.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Smog alert issued for Wednesday
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 01:23 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A smog alert has been issued for Wednesday across central Ohio — the second this year. The last alert — on May 8 — was the first warning since June 2013.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Missing Upper Arlington man returns home safely
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 12:17 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A missing Upper Arlington man and Army veteran who authorities feared might harm himself has returned home safely, police say. Christopher Bock-Bacalao, 30, of Riverside Drive, was reported missing at 3 p.m.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Motorcyclist killed in Licking County crash
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 09:44 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A Newark man was killed Monday when his motorcycle was struck by a car in Licking County, the State Highway Patrol reported. Pernell Daniel Yates, 48, died at Licking Memorial Hospital after the 10:20 p.m.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Union County crash kills Pickerington man
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 04:53 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};A man died late Monday after his car crashed on a rural road in Union County. Herman Tidwell, 48, of Pickerington, was driving a Mercedes sedan that crashed in the 22000 block of Bear Swamp Road in Liberty Township northwest of Marysville, according to the Union County sheriff’s office.

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  • Blue Skies camp fits adults’ special needs
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 05:26 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};When Amanda Stufflebeam dropped off her daughter at summer camp last year, they exchanged nervous goodbyes and hoped for the best. “When we picked her up, she was just beaming,” Stufflebeam said.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Justice Insider: Did SWAT collar those lap dogs?
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 03:37 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Whenever Columbus SWAT is called out, the incident to which the tactical team is responding is almost guaranteed to be unfunny. This is reflected in the terse, all-business radio transmissions that accompany hostage situations, reports of barricaded gunmen, and high-stakes surveillance of potentially violent suspects.

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  • Charter changes won’t be on Columbus ballot
    Tuesday - 07/28/2015 - 12:18 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Two proposed charter amendments won’t make the November ballot, after the Columbus City Council voted on Monday night that they didn’t pass legal muster.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Water service disrupted in western Franklin County
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 02:58 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Water service has been disrupted for some western Franklin County residents and businesses after an Ohio Department of Transportation contractor broke a county-owned water main today.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • State pushes Medicaid sign-ups for inmates
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 12:24 PM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Thousands of Ohioans released from prison each year will soon have something new to help them on the outside — a Medicaid card. Officials with three state agencies are aggressively pushing to get the majority of 21,000 people a year who are released signed up for Medicaid up to 90 days before they walk out the door.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Baby-death numbers decline a bit in Ohio but still top national average
    Monday - 07/27/2015 - 10:30 AM

    adcelannotate = {"mobilepaywallcategory" : "MOBILE_PREM-LOCAL","nativepaywallcategory" : "NATIVE_PREM-LOCAL"};Babies continue to die in Ohio at rates far above the national average, though new state data for 2013 shows a small dip in infant deaths.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share