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'Walking Dead' cast reassures fans the show is in good hands - Los Angeles Times

As the main characters of "The Walking Dead" question whether Rick Grimes is fit to be in charge in his unstable state, the cast of the AMC ratings force finds itself under new leadership for the third time in its going-on-four-year run. And they want fans to know: It will be OK.


Comic books: 'The New Deadwardians' is bloody good

The New Deadwardians

If you thought “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” was a clever idea, have I got a book for you. “The New Deadwardians” (Vertigo, $14.99) is like a mash-up of “Downton Abbey” and “The Walking Dead,” with a sprinkle of “True Blood.” If that seems a preposterous combination, rest assured that it is not — in fact, it’s bloodsuckingly, zombie-bitingly, aristocratically delightful.


2012's TV lessons for 2013

The Walking Dead

You don't have to be an avid fan to acknowledge that 2012 offered some great TV. Putting aside the national reality show that was the presidential election, there was escalating excellence on "Sons of Anarchy," "The Walking Dead" and "Parks and Recreation." There was the birth of "Girls," "House of Lies," "Veep" and "Luck" (RIP) and the redemption of "Dexter." For every hour of uncomfortably bad scripted or unscripted programming, there was something thought-provoking or, at the very least, entertaining.


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