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Third parties to Obama, Romney: Leave us alone

What do a Navy mom, Big Bird and AARP have in common? They want President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney to leave them alone.


Obama excited about turning 50 -- and getting AARP discounts

We figure President Obama must be excited about the big 5-0.


Obama Administration Says It Will End "Waivers for Favors"

Having succeeded at exempting a rash of labor unions, much of Nancy Pelosi’s district, the AARP, and other favored groups from costly aspects of Obamacare, the White House appears to have decided that its work is done.


AARP endorses House bill

Association of older Americans vows to lobby members in advance of Saturday's historic vote.


AARP's discounts best used as last resort

Slowly but surely, AARP's hotel discounts - once a prime feature - are becoming less and less useful. Unfortunate though it may be, AARP's decline as a discount source simply mirrors the decrease in big-organization discounts, generally.


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