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SEC unveils post-Madoff broker oversight plan

U.S. securities brokers would be more closely scrutinized by accountants and be subject to stricter rules for how they handle their customers' assets under a plan proposed by federal regulators on Wednesday.


The Real 'Schindler's List' on Sale for $2.2 Million

The 13-page list compiled by Schindler and accountant Itzhak Stern is dated April 18, 1945, and was made popular by Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning movie


Do-it-yourself taxes vs. the CPA

After turning to a professional, one taxpayer went from owing thousands to getting a big refund.


Madoff Accountant Charged With Fraud

Bernard Madoff's longtime accountant was arrested on fraud charges Wednesday, accused of aiding the man who has admitted cheating thousands of investors out of billions of dollars in the past two decades.


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