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Google Malware Detection Tool, Thanks for Ruining our Christmas and New Year's


A couple days ago, I was checking out film blogger and columnist Jeffrey Wells’ Hollywood Elsewhere and learned that his site was blocked by Google Chrome and Firefox because those browsers suspected his site contained malware. By that time, he had already gotten the problem fixed, but only after fretting over it for several hours during Christmas Eve.


The Circle of Ads: Zynga Using Facebook Ads

When I first saw the headline “Facebook Places Ads on Zynga” on The Wall Street Journal, my mind almost fell into an infinite loop. You see, Zynga is already buying ads on Facebook to promote their games. I had thought that headline meant that Facebook is returning the favor by buying ads on Zynga to bring on more users.

Nope.Turns out Facebook is testing out their own ad network on Zynga. Yes, looks like Facebook will be launching an ad network to compete with Google’s Adsense.


Yahoo to buy Interclick for $270 million

Internet company Yahoo Inc. has agreed to buy online advertising network Interclick Inc. for $270 million in cash. The deal announced Tuesday is expected to help Yahoo target advertisements to its online audience. Interclick's technology will allow Yahoo to "to expand its targeting and data capabilities to deliver campaigns" more effectively, Yahoo said.


Six Apart Is No More; What Will Happen to TypePad and Moveable Type?

Video ad network VideoEgg has announced that it has agreed to acquire blogging pioneer Six Apart, the company behind TypePad and Movable Type. As part of the acquisition, both companies will drop their names and be renamed SAY Media.


RIM Shops for Mobile Ad Network

RIM Shops for Mobile Ad Network

Under pressure in the increasingly competitive wireless market, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is shopping for a mobile advertising network.

Senh: Makes sense. RIM's Blackberry is still the most used smartphone - yes, more than iPhone and Android phones. With more users browsing the web on their phones, why give the ad revenue to Google or Apple? Just by turning on an ad network, they could be number one in the mobile ad market.


Time to Stop Building and Start Earning

Time to Stop Building and Start Earning

As you could probably tell by my latest entries, I've been spending the last couple weeks finding different ways to monetize the site. Wopular has about 400k-500k unique visitors per month, according to Google Analytics. That's a decent amount of users. It's about time I stopped coding new features and started earning. There's a certain challenge with monetizing an aggregation site, but I'm not gonna talk in depth about it here. I'll save that for another article. Mainly, it's that the average user only views a couple pages, compare to several with the average content site.


Clash of the In-Text Ad Titans - Infolinks vs. Kontera

In my attempt to diversify revenue on Wopular, I'm throwing in another kind of ads -- in-text advertising. These are ads you see when you hover over keywords that are double-underlined. They're great because you can use them along with display advertising, thus providing an additional source of revenue without cannibalizing your existing ad inventory. Currently, the two most popular in-text advertising networks are Kontera and Infolinks.


Twitter In-Stream Ad Network Raises $5 Million, Recruits News Corp Exec As CEO

Twitter advertising network, which launched last year, has raised $5 million in additional funding led by GRP Partners with Greycroft Partners and Matt C


This Site Has Ads; It Must be Rolling in the Dough

This Site Has Ads; It Must be Rolling in the Dough

Like I mentioned in the Ebert article, I've been testing out ad networks on subpages of Wopular for the past couple months. I don't want to put any ads on the main channel pages until I've settled into something; also, I want to reserve those pages for premium sponsorships.


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