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Times Company Profit Falls on Weak Ad Revenue

The New York Times Company reported that first-quarter net income dropped 57.6 percent, to $5.4 million, as print advertising remained depressed and revenue fell.


Web Advertising Eclipses Newspapers

Web Advertising Eclipses Newspapers

Spending on U.S. Internet ads rose 15% to $26 billion last year, outpacing traditional media and surpassing newspaper ad revenue for the first time.


AOL CEO Says Ad Declines 'Self-Inflicted'

AOL's earnings more than doubled amid gains from asset sales, though ad revenue dropped 27%. CEO Armstrong said AOL is on the path to recovery, with much of the revenue declines "self-inflicted."


As Facebook grows, can it profit?

Social-networking site seeks to leverage user data to boost ad revenue, raising privacy concerns.

Senh: That's the big question, they're growing fast, but can they become profitable. With click-thru rates on social networking sites being so low compared to content sites, can they find another revenue stream? Will targeted advertising work? They've been talking about it forever. We were never really able to make targeted advertising work for Rotten Tomatoes, mainly because the size of that audience becomes so much smaller when you target them. But Facebook is one of the largest sites in the world, so that might not matter. The only problem is MySpace has been trying to figure that out since they were the biggest social networking site in the world, and look where they went.


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