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Adobe moves flagship software upgrades to cloud

Adobe Systems Inc said upgrades for its flagship software package, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash, would be available only through online subscriptions, effective immediately.


Hackers use Adobe to target European governments: experts

Hackers targeted dozens of computer systems at government agencies across Europe in a series of attacks that exploited a recently discovered security flaw in Adobe Systems Inc's software, security researchers reported on Wednesday.


Adobe abandons mobile Flash

Adobe abandons mobile Flash

In an abrupt about-face in its mobile software strategy, Adobe will soon cease developing its Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers, according to an e-mail sent to Adobe partners on Tuesday evening.

Senh: Steve Jobs was right yet again. I've been supporting Adobe Flash for smartphones and tablets, but I guess the writing's on the wall. Adobe AIR sounds interesting. Writing apps in one program and have it work on all platforms is great, as long as those programs are reasonably fast.


Adobe: Flash is an Exception to Windows 8's 'Plug-in Free' Rule

One of the unambiguous messages we heard from Microsoft's Build 2011 conference in Anaheim all last week was that development of HTML5 "Metro-style apps" for Windows 8 would be "plug-in free." All requests for Microsoft to "clarify" that rule only underscored the blunt reality of the statement: HTML5 is about the absence of plug-ins, and thus, Metro will have an absence of plug-ins ...


Adobe Enables Code-Free Web Site Building With Muse

Adobe is working to make it easier for designers to build their own Web sites. A new application from Adobe, codenamed Muse, lets designers create and publish functional Web sites in a similar way to how they would mock-up a site in InDesign or Illustrator. Muse offers users a familiar Adobe tool set in a WYSIWYG interface. Muse is not designed...


Flash 10.1 Tops 1 Million Downloads on Android Phones

Flash 10.1 has officially surpassed the 1-million-downloads mark for Android smartphones, according to information we’ve just received from Adobe.


Flash bursts onto Android

Flash bursts onto Android

Adobe has launched a final version of Flash 10.1 for Android, so iPhone users can now officially feel left out, though they'll be in good company for a while yet. Android users running version 2.2 will be able to ...


Apple Wins Ground in Fight Over Flash

Apple is making headway in its fight against Adobe as some companies shift away the Flash video and animation technology.

Senh: At the same time, Android phones are touting Flash support. And they've already surpassed iPhones in market share. When google comes out with their tablet computer, I see them beating the iPad too. There are still too many sites with Flash on the web, and despite the number of iPads sold,they're still a niche market compared to desktop computers. What I see is designers will just do a browser detect and offer iPad owners a Flash-less version of their site. I think Apple will lose this fight.


Flash 10.1 for Android beta unveiled: Hulu a no-show, Froyo

What was once just one echelon above a myth is now finally coming to fruition. Adobe is pushing out a beta of its Flash 10.1

Senh: Take that Apple. Pretty soon the iPhone's lack of support for Flash will be one of its drawbacks. Love it or hate it, Flash is all over the web. Not supporting it is not supporting the full web, and forcing everyone to redesign their sites just so it'll look right for the iPhone and iPad.


Sources: Adobe is Behind Apple Antitrust Complaints

Sources: Adobe is Behind Apple Antitrust Complaints

An Adobe complaint is the main cause behind reported federal interest in antitrust charges against Apple, according to Bloomberg sources. Apple recently changed the rules for developers, forbidding the use of third-party tools in the creation of iPhone and iPad apps.


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