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Air Force sends mystery mini-shuttle back to space

Mystery Spacecraft

The military's small, top-secret version of the space shuttle rocketed into orbit Tuesday for a repeat mystery mission, two years after making the first flight of its kind. The Air Force launched the unmanned spacecraft Tuesday hidden on top of an Atlas V rocket. As if on cue, clouds quickly swallowed up the rocket as it disappeared out over the ocean.


Air Force instructor gets 20 years over rape scandal

Air Force Staff Sgt. Luis Walker was sentenced to 20 years in prison Saturday after being convicted of rape and sexual assault in a sweeping sex scandal at Lackland Air Force Base.


Prosecutor: Sgt. in base sex scandal a 'predator'

Luis Walker

A military prosecutor has told jurors that a Texas Air Force base instructor charged with raping a female trainee and coercing others into having sex with him is a "consummate predator."


Air Force investigates growing sex-abuse scandal


The Air Force is investigating a growing sexual-misconduct scandal in its basic-training operations, with a dozen male boot-camp instructors under suspicion of assaulting, harassing or having sex with female recruits.


U.S. deserter in Sweden steps forward after 28 years

A U.S. Air Force deserter who has lived secretly in Sweden since 1984 has revealed his identity and contacted his family in the United States who were overwhelmed to hear he was still alive, a Swedish newspaper reported at the weekend.


Air Force buys an Avenger, its biggest and fastest armed drone

U.S. Drone

The new radar-evading aircraft, which cost the Air Force $15 million, has a maximum takeoff weight of 15,800 pounds and can fly at 460 mph. The drone, built near San Diego, is for testing purposes. The Air Force has bought a new hunter-killer aircraft that is the fastest and largest armed drone in its fleet.

Senh: I thought these things are built by the U.S. military, not private companies.


Air Force Probes Photo of Troops Clowning in Casket

Air Force officials are investigating a photo of 15 airmen posing with another airman pretending to be dead while lying in an open casket with a noose around his neck.


Man with gun report creates panic at Tucson base

An Air Force base was rattled Friday after a report of a man with a gun prompted panic and accounts that someone had been shot at the sprawling ...


F-16s Escort United Airlines Flight After Fight Erupts Over Reclining Seat

F-16s Escort United Airlines Flight After Fight Erupts Over Reclining Seat

An international flight was escorted back to Washington, D.C., by U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets after an argument between two passengers over a reclining seat erupted into a brawl, The Washington Post reported late Tuesday.


Star Wars? Air Force Preps Missile-Spotting Satellite

Star Wars? Air Force Preps Missile-Spotting Satellite

Star Wars is back! Sort of. The Air Force will launch a key satellite for its space-based missile alert system Friday, hoping to overcome years of developmental delays in the dogged pursuit of an eye-in-the-sky threat-warning system.


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