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1st Airline to Charge by Rider's Weight

Samoa Air - ABC News

If it's an April Fools' Day joke, it's an awfully elaborate one. If not, Samoa Air has become the first airline in the world to do what was previously unthinkable: Charge passengers by weight. Yes, you get weighed. By a stranger. At the airport.


United CEO: Mergers, higher fares stabilize industry

United Airlines

The airline business is transforming into a profitable industry, thanks to fewer flights and higher fares. Mergers have helped bring rationality to the market, Smisek told an aviation conference Thursday. For far too long, he said, too many airlines were chasing too few passengers.


Airlines try to hike fares for business travelers

Airlines are once again trying to get business travelers to pay more for their last-minute trips. For the fifth time this year, airlines are trying to raise fares, says Rick Seaney, CEO of, which tracks fares. The previous three attempts focused on tickets purchased within seven days of travel, which are typically most popular among business travelers.


Ouch! Window, aisle seats will cost you

Airfare Based on Seating

Airlines are charging premiums for window and aisle seats, making it harder for groups to fly together, say passenger advocates.


Looking for low airfares? Good luck

Douglas Quinby was shocked at the price. Traveling from Atlanta to New Orleans in two weeks for work, the travel industry analyst found an airline ticket for $130 a week ago and grabbed it.


Delta Air Lines leads latest airfare hike attempt

Heads up, travelers. For the sixth time this year, an attempt is underway to bump up airfares.


Airfare sales may stave off winter blues

Airfare Sales

Never mind that you're probably still recovering from holiday travel and may have no interest in heading to another airport. Faced with a traditional post-holiday lull in travel, several airlines are hoping their New Year's sales will lure travelers back into the air at a discount.


Airfares With Less Fine Print

Spirit Airlines

On Jan. 24, the Transportation Department will enforce a rule requiring that any advertised price for air travel include all taxes and government fees.


Thanksgiving travel rush is under way across US

Thanksgiving travel rush is under way across US

Undeterred by costlier gas and airfare, millions of Americans set out Wednesday to see friends and family in what is expected to be the nation's busiest Thanksgiving weekend since the financial meltdown more than three years ago....


Airlines roll back hikes as taxes return

Airlines roll back hikes as taxes return

The tax holiday is over for U.S. airlines. Many carriers dropped fares Monday as federal taxes were added back into the total ticket price for travelers after a 16-day Federal Aviation Administration shutdown. Most U.S. airlines raised base fares last month when taxes were suspended, pocketing the money that would have gone to the government and swallowing the potential price break for consumers.


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