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Read all about it: The Amanda Knox booklist

Amanda Knox - USA Today

The Amanda Knox story has spawned books that declare her guilt and proclaim her innocence.


Books of The Times: Amanda Knox’s Memoir, ‘Waiting to Be Heard’

Amanda Knox - NY Times

“She’s a complete blank,” the playwright John Guare once said, trying to explain the public fascination with Amanda Knox, the American student accused (along with two men) of murdering her housemate Meredith Kercher during a sex escapade gone awry in Italy. “You can project anything on to her. Is she Henry James’s Daisy Miller, an innocent young girl who goes to Europe for experience? Or is she Louise Brooks, the woman who takes what she wants and destroys everything? Or is she Nancy Drew caught up in Kafka?”


Memoir of Amanda Knox to Be Released

Amanda Knox - NY Times

While imprisoned in Italy for four years over the murder of her roommate, Amanda Knox fended off sexual harassment from guards and an overture from a cellmate. On the night of the killing, she was smoking marijuana and watching a movie with her Italian boyfriend. And those infamous cartwheels that Ms. Knox reportedly performed in the police station never happened.


Knox case puts Italian justice under scrutiny

When crooked American financier Bernie Madoff was sentenced in New York, the leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published a front-page cartoon mocking Italy's trial system....


Italian court orders new trial for Amanda Knox

Italy's highest criminal court on Tuesday overturned Amanda Knox's acquittal in the slaying of her British roommate and ordered a new trial, prolonging a case that has become a cause celebre in the United States.


Amanda Knox has deal with HarperCollins for memoir

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox has a book deal. The young exchange student whose conviction in Italy and eventual acquittal on murder charges made headlines worldwide has an agreement with HarperCollins to tell her story. The 24-year-old Seattle resident, imprisoned for four years in Perugia, Italy, has not publicly discussed her ordeal beyond a brief expression of gratitude upon her release last October.


Amanda Knox: I was sexually harassed in prison

Amanda Knox gestures at a news conference in Seattle Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011, after returning home from Italy. Knox was freed Monday after an Italian appeals court threw out her murder conviction for the death of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher.


Amanda Knox: Book prospects?

EW's conversations with agents and publishers suggest her prospects are strong; eager to read her story?


Knox to fly home after acquittal

Knox to fly home after acquittal

Amanda Knox is set to fly home to the US after she and Raffaele Sollecito were cleared by an Italian court of murdering student Meredith Kercher.


Jittery Amanda Knox awaits verdict in murder trial

Jittery Amanda Knox awaits verdict in murder trial

American Amanda Knox will tell an Italian court she did not murder her British roommate during a frenzied sex game that turned violent when she makes her final plea to judges on Monday to overturn her 26-year jail sentence.


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