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'Walking Dead' cast reassures fans the show is in good hands - Los Angeles Times

As the main characters of "The Walking Dead" question whether Rick Grimes is fit to be in charge in his unstable state, the cast of the AMC ratings force finds itself under new leadership for the third time in its going-on-four-year run. And they want fans to know: It will be OK.


Cable networks are TV's biggest stars


Technology and competitive advantages have been game-changers for premium-tier outfits such as HBO and Showtime and basic-cable's FX and AMC. Showtime's terrorism thriller "Homeland" has nearly everything: big-name stars, glossy production values and a surprising triple Emmy sweep last week.


‘Mad Men’ returns, in living color

The advance copy of the new episode of “Mad Men” — the first in too many moons — arrived the other day. It was handsomely packaged, of course, and closely trailed by an e-mail plea from its meticulously controlling creator, Matthew Weiner, who asked critics not to tell you anything that happens when the show returns for a fifth season, two-hour premiere Sunday night on AMC.


AMC renews 'Hell on Wheels' for a second season

AMC announced on Tuesday (December 27) that "Hell on Wheels" has been renewed for a second season.


The TV Column: ‘Mad Men’ will be back in 2012 for a fifth season

The TV Column: ‘Mad Men’ will be back in 2012 for a fifth season

AMC announces that it has “officially authorized” the production of a fifth season of “Mad Men” for 2012.


AMC pulls slasher film 'Hatchet II'

AMC pulls slasher film 'Hatchet II'

Just a couple of days after the release of Hatchet II, the AMC theater chain has pulled the unrated slasher sequel from all of the cinemas that were showing the movie.


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