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Android Is Winning

Google Android

The latest numbers are in: Android is on top, followed by iOS in a distant second. This word comes from Gartner, a top research firm for these sorts of things. Overall, within the last quarter, Android outsold iOS devices nearly three to one while capturing 64% of the worldwide market share. Samsung was the top dog accounting for 90M handset sales.


Android conquers Marketshare, Apple conquers Profits: Who’s winning?

Read 'Android conquers marketshare, Apple conquers profits: Who's winning?' on Digital Trends. As Android entrenches itself as the leading smartphone platform in terms of sales, most of the smartphone money seems to be going to Apple. What matters more: money or marketshare?

Senh: When it's all said and done, profits the most important thing. In Google's case, more market share will eventually drive more profit because that means they have more mobile ad inventory.


Android app downloads could surpass Apple by June 2012

Android app downloads could surpass Apple by June 2012

In a recent study conducted by Xyologic, results show that in 2012 Apple will no longer have the advantage when it comes to app downloads, the Cupertino-based company will be surpassed by Android.

Senh: That's the way it's heading. Android has already surpassed iPhone as the most-used operating system for smartphones. It's just a matter of time before the number of apps catch up.


Smartphones: Android Pulling Away From The Pack

Smartphones: Android Pulling Away From The Pack

Google Android is opening up a substantial lead over Apple and other platforms in the U.S. smartphone market, new data from ComScore suggests. In July, Android devices accounted for 41.8% of the U.S. smartphone user base, up from 36.4% three months earlier. Apple inched up to 27%, from 26%. Meanwhile, Samsung increased its lead in ...


Apple sues Amazon over 'app store'

Apple sues Amazon over 'app store'

Amazon just revealed its own specially curated version of the Android Marketplace, but has chosen to label it the "Appstore."

Senh: For a moment, I thought Amazon is opening an app store for their Kindle. Oh well.


Report Finds Browsing on Android Over 50% Faster Than on iPhone

Much attention in the battle between Android and iPhone goes to the availability of apps on each platform. But one of the most important feature of a smartphone might not be the availability and performance of native apps but the performance of the mobile web browser.


Report: Android coming on strong in race against iPhone and Blackberry

Steve Jobs may hear the sound of nearing hoofbeats if he takes his ear away from his iPhone and puts it on the ground. For the first time, more mobile phone buyers are picking up handsets that use Google's Android operating system than Apple's iPhone ...


Droid vs. iPhone: The Scorecard

As an iPhone user who is more than a little interested in the Motorola's newest, I have compiled a personal scorecard comparing important features of the two phones.


How Google's Android Can Thrive

New study says Android shouldn't try to compete with iPhone.


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