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High stakes if Apple e-books antitrust case goes to trial


As the only remaining defendant in the U.S. government's e-books antitrust case, Apple Inc appears headed for a high-stakes trial that could significantly increase the personal computer company's liability in related litigation.


Pa. to sue NCAA over sanctions

Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett announced plans Wednesday to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA over its sanctions against Penn State University following the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.


US sues Apple, publishers over electronic books

Eric Holder Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple

The U.S. government has filed an antitrust lawsuit in New York against Apple Inc. and various major book publishers. The lawsuit said the alleged conspiracy came as Apple was preparing to launch the iPad.


Gates testifies in $1B lawsuit against Microsoft

Gates testifies in $1B lawsuit against Microsoft

Microsoft's Windows 95 rollout presented the most challenges in the company's history, leading to several last-minute changes to technical features that would no longer support a rival software maker's word processor, Bill Gates testified Monday in a $1 billion antitrust lawsuit filed by the creator of WordPerfect.

Senh: Bill Gates looks really happen to testify from his look in the photo.


NBA takes legal action against locked-out players

NBA takes legal action against locked-out players

Trying to head off the chance of an antitrust lawsuit from the NBA Players Association, the league went ahead and beat the union to court... The NBA accused the players of being uncooperative in negotiations toward a new collective bargaining agreement by making "more than two dozen" threats to dissolve their union and sue the league under antitrust laws to secure more favorable terms in a new CBA.


NFL: No legal ground for court to halt lockout

The NFL asked a federal judge Monday to keep its lockout in place, saying there are no legal grounds to stop it while accusing the players of trying to manipulate the law with a bogus antitrust lawsuit....


Judge OKs iPhone lawsuit against Apple, AT&T

A federal judge says a monopoly abuse lawsuit against Apple and AT&T's mobile phone unit can move forward as a class action.


Feds question iTunes tactics

Feds question iTunes tactics

Federal investigators are asking questions about Apple's business practices involving digital music and whether Apple used its market dominance to suppress competition from its iTunes rivals, sources say.


Sources: Adobe is Behind Apple Antitrust Complaints

Sources: Adobe is Behind Apple Antitrust Complaints

An Adobe complaint is the main cause behind reported federal interest in antitrust charges against Apple, according to Bloomberg sources. Apple recently changed the rules for developers, forbidding the use of third-party tools in the creation of iPhone and iPad apps.


Apple to Dodge Antitrust Bullet

Apple is attempting to avoid an antitrust probe into its trade practices by revising some of the terms of its developer agreement. It's not clear which parts would be revised, but government regulators are interested in provisions in Apple's iAd advertising program, and Apple's decision to reject apps built with cross-platform applications.


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