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Apple's iPhone Is Now Worth More Than All Of Microsoft


This is an entirely stunning statistic: Apple's iPhone sales are now worth more than all of Microsoft: One Apple product, something that didn’t exist five years ago, has higher sales than everything Microsoft has to offer.


Microsoft Unveils a Tablet to Challenge the iPad

Surface Tablet

In its biggest-ever push into the hardware business, Microsoft unveiled a tablet computer called Surface that is designed to challenge Apple’s iPad. At an event here, the company showed off the device, which is about the same weight and thickness as an iPad, with a 10.6-inch screen. The tablet has a built-in “kickstand” that will allow users to prop it up for watching movies, and a detachable cover that will serve double duty as a keyboard.

Senh: The kickstand with a keyboard looks pretty interesting. Since it runs on Windows 8, it should run the usual programs created for it, like Office and Photoshop. If the price is comparable to the iPad, then this is threat to Apple.


Microsoft Releases iPhone to Windows Phone Migration Tool

Microsoft announced today via its Windows Phone Developer Blog the release of a new tool designed to help developers migrate iPhone applications to the Windows Phone 7 platform.


Microsoft Looking For A Few Good iPad Users… To Study

Microsoft Looking For A Few Good iPad Users… To Study

Companies do all kinds of studies all the time for all sorts of reasons. Seeing as the iPad is currently one of the hottest devices on the market, it should be no surprise that companies want to know about how users are using it.


Ballmer: Windows 7 Slates Coming Soon

Ballmer: Windows 7 Slates Coming Soon

In an effort to counter Apple's iPad-fueled momentum in the personal computing market, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said his company plans to introduce a full range of Windows 7-based slate PCs "over the course of the next several months."

Senh: This will probably be the end of netbooks - iPad running windows 7. There's something about being able to hold onto something and moving things around with your fingers. The only drawback is typing, but I think it can be solved if Swype makes a version for tablet computers. With multi-touch being the wave of the future, I wonder if people will start developing calluses on their fingers. I'm already at that stage with my HTC HD2. I had to take a break from using Swype to type.


Tablet Wars: Microsoft and HP to Unveil Apple Tablet Competitor

Tablet Wars: Microsoft and HP to Unveil Apple Tablet Competitor

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is set to reveal his own rival to the Apple Tablet, according to the New York Times Bits Blog. We first learned about a Microsoft tablet device in September.


Mac or PC: Decisions, decisions

Across the universe of gadgets, few things inspire more angst and buyer's remorse than computers.


Microsoft: Apple wanted 'Laptop Hunters' ad pulled

Microsoft: Apple wanted 'Laptop Hunters' ad pulled

Microsoft's chief operating officer recounts a phone call he says he got from the Apple legal department, demanding the removal of the TV ads. Read this blog post by Steven Musil on Apple.


Microsoft plans stores 'next door to Apple'

Microsoft Corp.'s chief operating officer says the software maker is planning to open retail stores "right next door to Apple" in the fall.


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