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Fragile economy, other global woes dominated Davos

The fragile state of the world economy, coupled with the relentless turmoil in Syria and the rocky fallout from the Arab Spring, dominated discussions during this year's annual gathering of the global elite at Davos, leaving many participants uneasy about what lies ahead as they left for home Sunday.


Two powers, Qatar and Iran, try to sway Hamas

The courtship of Hamas between rivals Iran and Qatar has been one of the Middle East's intriguing subplots of the Arab Spring.


Protesters in Jordan denounce King Abdullah II

In a sign that the U.S.-backed kingdom of Jordan may yet be vulnerable to the "Arab Spring" upheaval, angry demonstrators Friday denounced King Abdullah II and his ruling circle as "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and demanded swift reform or an end to the monarchy.


What explains the anti-US protests?

...The truth is that there is no single explanation. One answer is that last year's wave of political uprisings, the so-called Arab Spring, is responsible. After all, protests began in Egypt, which last year became the most populous Arab democracy, and spread to Libya, which became the largest by area.


Lebanon militia stands by Syria despite crackdown

Hezbollah's support for the government of Bashar Assad holds firm despite Sryia's bloody 18-month crackdown on a rebellion sparked by Arab Spring movements sweeping the region.


‘Alif the Unseen,’ by G. Willow Wilson

G. Willow Wilson’s marvelous first novel, “Alif the Unseen,” takes events similar to those of the Arab Spring, adds a runaway computer virus, an unconventional love story and the odd genie to create an intoxicating, politicized amalgam of science fiction and fantasy.


China expels al-Jazeera reporter as media relations sour

China has expelled an American journalist working for the English-language arm of al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based satellite television network whose broadcasts shattered the information monopolies of authoritarian Arab governments and played a pivotal role in the “Arab Spring” uprisings that began early last year.


View from abroad: US facing woes, but still No. 1

Anyone worried about an erosion of America's global status might consider this modest fact: Facebook is the dominant social network in Mongolia. Along with its pervasive social media, the United States leads in myriad other ways - from the allure of its movies and music to the reach of its military. It's tough to match a nation that deploys troops to Australia and central Africa, propels Beyonce to global stardom, and produced the Twitter-style technologies that abetted the Arab Spring.


Tunisia counts votes after first Arab Spring election

Tunisian election officials counted the votes Monday after the country's first free election, 10 months on from the moment Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in a protest that started the Arab Spring uprisings.


Tunisia ready for 'Arab Spring' election

Barely hours after polls opened in Tunisia's landmark elections, the line of voters waiting to enter a polling station in the capital's upscale Menzah neighborhood stretched around the block and out of sight.


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