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Sea Level Rise Mostly Caused By Melting Glaciers In Past Century, Experts Find

Scientists at the respected University of Innsbruck say that between 1902 and 2007, glaciers contributed 11 centimeters (4.33 inches) to a total sea level rise of about 20 centimeters (nearly 8 inches).


Police: 5 suspected of stealing 9.5 tons of garlic

Austrian police did not need sniffing dogs to locate this suspected heist - 9.5 tons of garlic. The Austria Press Agency says police stopped three overloaded and sagging vans about to cross into Hungary from Austria on Wednesday and found them packed to the roof with the pungent cargo. After questioning the five men in the vehicles they charged them on suspicion of receiving stolen goods.


Ex-Libyan Oil Minister Drowned, Austrian Police Say

Former Libyan oil minister Shukri Ghanem, whose body was found floating Sunday in the Danube river, died from drowning, Austrian police said.


Slovenia and Austria at Odds Over Sausage

It's a diplomatic rift that has both countries hungry for a fight. The subject of the spat? A humble pork sausage. Slovenia calls the spicy delicacy "Kranjska klobasa" and Austria "Krainerwurst" — variants of the same name that belongs to the border region the sausage comes from. Both countries have enjoyed the snack for centuries and consider it part of their cultural heritage.


Dutch prince in critical condition after Austria avalanche

Dutch Prince Johan Friso was in critical but stable condition in an Innsbruck hospital's intensive care unit Friday after an avalanche buried him while he was skiing off piste in the Austrian alps, police said.


Austrian Gov't Postpones Plan to Sell Mountain Peaks

An Austrian government agency abruptly pulled two sky-high pieces of real estate -- majestic peaks offering stupendous alpine views -- off the open market Tuesday after an outpouring of national outrage over the perceived sellout of the nation's heritage.


US doesn't make cut for happiest nations list

US doesn't make cut for happiest nations list

What makes people happy? The question, which has been debated by philosophers for centuries, now is being tackled by international bureaucrats and the results are interesting.


Cucumber fear spreads in Europe

The Czech Republic and Austria take Spanish-grown cucumbers off the shelves after an E. coli contamination in Germany leaves 10 dead.


Europe split over nuclear safety amid Japan crisis

Austria on Monday called for European nuclear power plants to face stress tests to reassure people worried by the crisis in Japan while Britain and France urged calm.


Austrian man with robotic arm dies after crash

Austrian man with robotic arm dies after crash

A doctor says an Austrian man who was able to drive because of an innovative high-tech artificial arm has died after a car crash.


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