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Millionaire guilty of DUI manslaughter

Florida millionaire John Goodman was found guilty Friday after being accused of driving drunk, hitting another vehicle and running it off the road into a canal, where its driver was later found dead in his submerged car.

Senh: John Goodman sounds like he was lying his ass off. Not only did he not admit that he was drunk, but he also lied about not calling the police. He could have helped the victim and save his life. Instead, he was just thinking about covering it all up.


Car wrecks killed 32,885 in U.S. last year

Car Accident

Some 32,885 people died on the nation's roadways in 2010 -- a number that, while slightly higher than preliminary figures released in April, shows the downward trend in traffic deaths is continuing, now reaching low levels not seen since 1949, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported Thursday.


3 Major Road Accidents in China Kill 56 in 1 Day

3 Major Road Accidents in China Kill 56 in 1 Day

Three major road accidents in China killed 56 people on the last day of a weeklong holiday, including 35 people who died when a bus collided with a car on a northern expressway, state media reported Saturday.


Train hits bus in India, killing 35 after wedding

A train hit a bus at a railway crossing in northern India early Thursday, killing at least 35 people returning from a wedding party, an official said.


'Boston Legal' Actor Killed in Car Wreck

An actor who appeared on the TV show "Boston Legal" has been killed in an automobile crash in Wisconsin. The Iowa County Sheriff's Department says Justin Mentell was killed when his Sport Utility Vehicle went down an embankment and hit two trees.


Woman killed trying to save cat on highway

Woman killed trying to save cat on highway

Police in Vermont say a 75-year-old woman trying to rescue a cat stuck on a highway's median was hit by a car and killed.


Cops Confirm Mom in Crash That Killed 8 Was Very Drunk

A Long Island mother was very drunk, with an extra-large bottle of vodka in her car, and was smoking marijuana before she caused a wrong-way crash on a New York highway that killed her, her young daughter and six others, police said Tuesday.


Former 'American Idol' contestant killed

Former 'American Idol' contestant killed

A 23-year-old man was arrested Sunday in the death of a former "American Idol" contestant, who was struck by a car in New Jersey, authorities said.


Six dead in D.C. Metro rail crash

Six dead in D.C. Metro rail crash

The rush-hour collision on the busy Red Line injured dozens of people. Those killed include the operator of one train. It's the first fatal crash for the Metro train system since 1982.


Man who tried to attack Dutch royals dies

The man who drove his car into a crowd of parade spectators and killed six people died of his injuries Friday, leaving unresolved the mystery of why he tried to attack the Dutch royal family.


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