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FDIC: Bank earnings hit highest level in 4 years

FDIC: Bank earnings hit highest level in 4 years

Bank earnings rose over the summer to their highest level in more than four years, while the number of troubled banks fell for the second straight quarter, federal regulators reported Tuesday.

Senh: And yet Bank of America still tried to charge us for services we used to get for free.


Georgia Bank Is Closed in Year's 88th Failure

Regulators closed Community Bank of Rockmart, Ga., on Thursday, raising the nationwide count of bank failures to 88 for the year.


Regulators Close Banks in Virginia, California

Regulators closed Bank of the Commonwealth, of Norfolk, Va., and Citizens Bank of Northern California, based in Nevada City, bringing the nationwide tally of bank failures to 73 for the year.


WaMu Chapter 11 Plan Rejected Again, in Part

A bankruptcy judge rejected Washington Mutual's Chapter 11 plan for a second time, finding the company was too generous with senior creditors but not dismissing the central details of the plan.


DealBook: Ex-Lehman Officials to Pay $90 Million to Settle Suit

The Lehman executives and directors are accused a shareholder lawsuit of misleading investors about the investment bank's health in the months leading up to its collapse.


First Drop in Number of Problem U.S. Banks Since 2006

Twenty-three lenders fell off the government’s list of so-called “problem banks” in the second quarter, bringing the total to 865.


FDIC Shuts Pennsylvania Bank, in Year's 65th Failure

Regulators closed Public Savings Bank of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., on Thursday, boosting to 65 the number of U.S. bank failures this year.


Regulators Seize Two Florida Banks

U.S. regulators on Friday announced the collapse of two more banks in Florida, one of the most failure-plagued states in the country this year.


Moody's: Stress Tests Set to Fail 26 Banks

Nearly one-third of 91 European banks undergoing the latest round of public stress tests could need external support to be brought up to scratch, Moody's said.


WaMu Settles Class-Action Suit

Washington Mutual agreed to settle a large shareholder class-action lawsuit for $208.5 million that alleged it failed to stop investments when the now-failed bank knew, or should have known, how much trouble it was in.

Senh: It's good to see some of these banks finally paying for the damage they've caused.


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