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Charlie Crist continues political makeover with Barack Obama endorsement

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican-turned-independent, continued his political makeover Sunday by endorsing President Barack Obama’s re-election and calling him “the right leader for our times.”


Judge warns of civil war if Obama wins

Tom Head

An elected county judge in Texas is warning that the nation could descend into civil war if President Barack Obama is re-elected, and is calling for a trained, well-equipped force to battle the United Nations troops he says Obama would bring in. The comments by Lubbock County Judge Tom Head, who oversees emergency planning efforts, were broadcast by CNN affiliate KJTV. He made similar remarks on radio station FOX Talk 950.

Senh: How did a crazy nut like him got elected into office?


Obama's key to victory: Virginia

President Obama thinks he knows the key to re-election, and it's very close to the White House. Right across the Potomac River, in fact, in Virginia. "If we win Virginia, we will win this election," Obama told supporters last night at a high school in Leesburg, Va.


Jobless rate now a leading political indicator

The discouraging new unemployment numbers present President Barack Obama with a sobering reminder that an uneven recovery from the recession can be a fragile argument for his re-election. It's all deepening his anxiety over the political and economic threat posed by the European debt crisis....

Senh: Overall, the unemployment rate has dropped from a high of 10% to 8.2% since Barack Obama became president. That's pretty good considering how the rest of the world is doing. You gotta look at the big picture.


Obama defends foreign policy record against Republicans

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama on Wednesday staunchly defended his foreign policy record against Republican election-year criticism that he has overseen a decline in American power in the world.


Why Women, Hispanics And Youth Won't Save Obama

While President Obama may win the women, Hispanic and youth vote, the turnout will likely be lower and the spread smaller, which could cost him the election.


In military-rich battlegrounds, Obama targets new group: veterans

President Obama has wound down America’s war in Iraq, ordered the operation that killed Osama bin Laden and set in motion the end of U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan. He also has focused particular attention on veterans and military families, increasing funds for the Department of Veterans Affairs, implementing the post-Sept. 11 G.I. Bill and launching job programs for returning troops.


North Carolina a political headache for Democrats

North Carolina: Gay Marriage Arrest

Once a bright spot for President Barack Obama, North Carolina is now more like a political migraine less than four months before Democrats open the party's national convention in Charlotte.


Obama raises nearly $15M at Clooney's place

A little political trivia: President Obama says the photo of him on a political poster with the word HOPE comes from an event in which he is sitting next to George Clooney. "We struck up a friendship," Obama told Hollywood donors gathered at Clooney's house last night. "And this is the first time that George Clooney has ever been photo-shopped out of a picture.


Bennett: Obama's weird 'Life of Julia'

Life of Julia

Last week, President Obama's campaign launched a fictional storybook ad called, "The Life of Julia." The slide show narrative follows Julia, a cartoon character, from age 3 to age 67 and explains how Obama's policies, from Head Start to Obamacare to mandated contraception coverage to Medicare reform, would provide Julia with a better life than Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan could.

Senh: Bennett is a Republican who worked for George H. W. Bush. My main argument against him is that isn't government supposed to make life easier for people? What's wrong with that?


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