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Paul Ryan and Obama Exchange Campaign Attacks in Iowa

Paul Ryan

Representative Paul D. Ryan spoke from a political soapbox as President Obama began a three-day bus tour through a swing state. In an early test of themes that will undoubtedly dominate the campaign in the remaining months, the two men parried on welfare, the unemployment rate and the role of government. Mr. Obama painted his rival as a conservative ideologue whose refusal to compromise has led to the Washington gridlock that has alienated many Americans.


Opinion: Romney's amazing hypocrisy

Donna Brazile: Mitt Romney would rather see the American economy fail than President Obama win... As Bloomberg News reported, Romney urged Florida Gov. Rick Scott to downplay good economic news in the Sunshine State. It's his way of sending a signal to Republican governors in states where the economy is improving -- in the battlegrounds of Virginia, Ohio and elsewhere -- to be quiet. Obscure the truth, he begs. Obstruct any progress.


Poll: Election winner won't impact economy much

When it comes to the economy, half of Americans in a new poll say it won't matter much whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins - even though the presidential candidates have staked their chances on which would be better at fixing the economic mess....


New poll gives Obama 13-point lead over Romney

Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

A Bloomberg National Poll will be raising eyebrows today because it gives President Obama a huge lead over Mitt Romney. The Bloomberg National Poll shows Obama leading Romney 53% to 40% among likely voters, a much bigger lead than other surveys.


For Many Immigrants, Obama’s Policy Offers Relief

President Obama’s plan to offer work permits to some young illegal immigrants unleashed hope undercut with some wariness about the policy’s implementation.


Obama's immigration order shows the Oval Office advantage

It boosts his reelection campaign among Latinos and young people and amounts to an end run around Republican rivals. By calling a halt to the deportation of hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants, President Obama not only helps himself politically with two groups vital to his reelection — Latinos and young people — but also shows the advantage that comes with a seat in the Oval Office.


Obama Admits U.S. Is Fighting Al Qaeda in Somalia and Yemen

Barack Obama

The acknowledgment that United States military forces have taken “direct action” in those countries opens the window further into the president’s secret war on terrorists.


Scott Walker: GOP can't win referendum on Obama

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who survived last week's recall election, said presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney won't beat President Obama unless he offers "bold" ideas.


Bill Clinton 'very sorry' about tax remarks, agrees with Obama

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton said Thursday that he's "very sorry" for comments he made days earlier that appeared to undermine President Obama's position on extending certain tax rates, chalking it up to a misunderstanding over when lawmakers needed to act ahead of a looming "fiscal cliff."


North Carolina a political headache for Democrats

North Carolina: Gay Marriage Arrest

Once a bright spot for President Barack Obama, North Carolina is now more like a political migraine less than four months before Democrats open the party's national convention in Charlotte.


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