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Iowa Poll shows Obama with slim lead over Romney

President Obama leads Republican nominee Mitt Romney 49% to 45% in the battleground state of Iowa.


With charts and charm, Paul Ryan aims to steady a shaken ticket

Trailing in the must-win state of Ohio, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney asked his running mate Paul Ryan to meet him here this week. After 24 days apart, Romney and Ryan reunited on an airport tarmac on Tuesday amid grumbling from some Republicans that the campaign has grown complacent, leaving Ryan, its strongest advocate, off the national stage.


Tea party groups work to remove names from Ohio voter rolls

Activists say they're challenging some names to ensure 'election integrity.' Others say it's an effort to suppress the votes of likely Obama supporters. Lori Monroe, a 40-year-old Democrat who lives in central Ohio, was startled a few weeks ago to open a letter that said a stranger was challenging her right to vote in the presidential election.


In Ohio, Romney says his "heart aches" for jobless

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney expressed empathy for unemployed Americans on Wednesday in what appeared to be an effort to repair the damage from comments he made in a leaked videotape that has sent his poll numbers on a downward slide.


Obama widening lead over Romney in key states

Barack Obama

A new poll shows President Barack Obama opening a double-digit lead over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in two of the nation's three largest swing states.


As Romney stumbles, Obama regains his mojo

The recent shifts in the polls may be less about Mitt Romney than they are about President Obama. We have been documenting for a few days how Obama has consistently risen in polls of swing states — in many of them by several points — to the point where Romney trails basically everywhere that matters.


Revived auto industry gives Obama advantage in Michigan

"If he [Obama] didn't come through and give that vote and say, 'Yes we have got to save Chrysler. We have to save GM. We've got to do this,' all this Sterling Heights would have been gone, would have been dead."


Fox poll: Obama leads in Ohio, Fla., Va.

Obama vs. Romney

A new Fox News poll shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney in three key states: Ohio, Florida and Virginia. The president leads by 7 percentage points in both Ohio (49%-42%) and Virginia (50%-43%), Fox says. In Florida -- where Obama campaigns today --- he leads Romney, 49%-44%.


Poll: In 2-point presidential race, Romney trips over 47%

The good news for Mitt Romney: He remains within striking distance of President Obama. The bad news: His latest misstep could upend that.


Poll watch: Obama leads Romney in four swing states

Democratic National Convention

New polls in four battleground states show President Obama holding a lead of 5 to 7 points over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, reinforcing the national surveys that indicate that the incumbent gained ground with his convention last week.


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