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A real nightmare: Bed bugs biting all over U.S.

Forget about fictional, glitter-skinned teen vampires. You’re far more likely to have your blood sucked by bed bugs. The tiny, sneaky insects are spreading so rapidly across the United States that almost no region or area is untouched, a new survey suggests.


$1M in life savings tossed out in a mattress

$1M in life savings tossed out in a mattress

A woman in Tel Aviv, Israel, gave her elderly mother a new mattress as a surprise gift, throwing out the old tattered bed her mother had slept on for decades. The gesture ended up bankrupting Annat's mother, who had stuffed her savings of nearly $1 million inside her old bed for decades, Annat told Israel Army Radio.


What I learned about my husband in bed

Bed has always been a place I can't get enough of: the sex; the sleep; cozy afternoons reading; lazy Saturday mornings listening to hyper neighbors mow their lawns.


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