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Bill Clinton tried to broker Led Zeppelin reunion

It's a diplomatic failure at the highest level: Bill Clinton couldn't get Led Zeppelin to reunite.


Bill Clinton joins Twitter, for real

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton has officially joined Twitter, using the handle @billclinton. Excited to join @chelseaclinton and my good friend @stephenathome on Twitter! — Bill Clinton (@billclinton) April 25, 2013


Bill Clinton's advice to Democrats: Oppose austerity

"Here's the dilemma: we do have a long-term debt problem, but that doesn't mean that austerity now is the right response," Clinton said, adding that Republicans only support austerity measures "when Democrats are president." An affirmative plan on how to spark job creation and growth is a more powerful argument to the public than the GOP's advocacy for spending cuts and downsizing government, he contended.


HBO, Scorsese making film on Clinton

Bill Clinton

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese is making a documentary on Bill Clinton for HBO. HBO announced Monday that Scorsese is producing and directing the film, with Clinton's cooperation. The network did not announce an anticipated air date for the show on the nation's 42nd president, who was in office from 1993 to 2001.


Bill Clinton talks, Bruce Springsteen rocks at Parma rally for President Barack Obama

Rock stars of politics and music, respectively, former President Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen joined forces here Thursday afternoon for President Barack Obama. Each stuck to his specialty.


Romney says Clinton can 'do a man a lot of good'

Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney is unlikely to win Bill Clinton's vote, but that doesn't mean he can't soak up a bit of the popular former president's luster. The two men stood side by side Tuesday as Clinton introduced Romney before the GOP candidate's speech to Clinton's annual global conference in New York. Clinton recalled working with Romney to save AmeriCorps, and praised the former Massachusetts governor's efforts to persuade fellow Republicans to support the national service program.

Senh: Odd. Very odd. Shouldn't they be enemies?


Clinton: GOP money advantage could still swing the election

A month and a half before Election Day, President Obama is winning, former President Bill Clinton said Sunday, citing a raft of recent polls that show Obama widening a lead in several key swing states.


The Caucus: Bill Clinton Unsure of Wife's 2016 Plans

Hillary Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton said Sunday that he had “no earthly idea” whether his wife might decide to run for the presidency in 2016, but that he had never met a more qualified public servant and that she would have his full support no matter what she decides.

Senh: I know. We're not even done with this year's election, and the media's already moving on to 2016.


Clinton: Republican party controlled by most extreme members

Former President Bill Clinton on Wednesday painted Republicans as a party controlled by its most extreme members, unwilling to compromise and too conservative for former GOP leaders like Richard Nixon and Dwight D. Eisenhower.


Bill Clinton to campaign in Florida for Obama

The Secretary of Explaining Stuff, also known as former President Bill Clinton, is coming to Florida. The Obama campaign announced this afternoon that Clinton will take part in a campaign event for Obama in the Miami area on Tuesday and another in the Orlando area on Wednesday. Obama was in central Florida today for the first day of a two-day bus tour.


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