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Italy: Divers find 8 more bodies in ship wreckage

Divers searching the capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship off a Tuscan island found eight bodies Wednesday on one of the passenger decks, including that of a missing 5-year-old Italian girl, authorities said....


Italy ends search for underwater missing in wreck

Costa Concordia

Italian emergency officials are ending the search for missing people in the submerged part of the Costa Concordia cruise ship due to the danger to rescue workers.


Wreck removal 'to take 10 months'

Cruise Ship in Italy Coast

It could take up to 10 months to remove the wreck of capsized cruise ship Costa Concordia, says Italy's civil protection agency chief.


Report: Cruise ship captain claims he fell overboard

A transcript of a conversation between the Italian coast guard and cruise ship Capt. Francesco Schettino reportedly reveals that the captain claims he fell overboard and did not abandon the ship.


Recording suggests captain tried to abandon ship

A recorded conversation between the captain of a sinking cruise ship and a coast guard officer suggests the captain tried to abandon ship.


Cruise operators' shares fall on ship disaster

Shares of cruise operator Carnival Corp plunged 15 percent on Tuesday after a ship operated by its unit struck a submerged rock and keeled over off the coast of Italy late on Friday.


Stricken Italian liner shifts, 29 people missing

Italian Cruise Ship Accident

A stricken Italian cruise liner shifted on its rocky resting place as worsening weather disrupted an increasingly despairing hunt for survivors and authorities almost doubled their estimate of the number missing to 29 people.


Costa CEO blames captain error for ship grounding

The captain of the cruise ship that capsized off Tuscany made an unauthorized, unapproved deviation from its programmed course, a "human error" that led to the grounding of the vessel, the chief executive of the ship's Italian owner said Monday. At least six people died in the incident.


7 survive 20 hours at sea clinging to boat, cooler

Four hours into a family fishing trip, rough waves flipped a 22-foot boat off the Florida Keys, tossing eight people overboard. Seven of them, including a 4-year-old girl, survived by clinging to their capsized vessel and a small blue cooler for almost 20 hours, suffering exhaustion, jellyfish stings and hypothermia....


Mexico searches for 7 missing in boating accident

Mexican rescuers were scouring the Gulf of California on Tuesday for seven U.S. tourists whose fishing boat capsized two days ago, saying they were extending their search because the missing tourists could still be alive in the warm, calm waters....


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