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Romney: GOP, conservatives 'have not lost our way'

Romney represents the GOP's old guard as younger Republicans such as Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are in spotlight at conservative event... The event known as CPAC often shines the spotlight on the up-and-comers of the Republican Party and is a critical proving ground for presidential hopefuls. More than a dozen potential 2016 presidential candidates — including Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, Rep. Paul Ryan and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — are all on this year's program and represent a new generation of Republican leaders.


Jindal: 7 ways GOP can win next time

In the aftermath of the presidential election, Republicans have been inundated with advice to moderate, equivocate, and even abandon their core principles as a necessary prerequisite for winning future elections.


Analysis: Not too early to talk about 2016

Get ready: The 2016 campaign for the White House is getting under way. Among those attending next week's Republican Governors Association meeting in Las Vegas are the group's chairman, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, as well as popular Republicans such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.


Wikipedia Correctly Picked Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential Nominee A Week Ago

Paul Ryan

In 2008, people were wondering who would become John McCain’s running mate for the presidential election. We all know now that it was Sarah Palin. Leading up to the announcement, her page on Wikipedia was the most edited of all candidates, according to


10 GOP governors rally around Romney

Fresh from a foreign trip marked by a number of stumbles, Mitt Romney was back in his element late Thursday with 10 Republican governors in Basalt, Colo... New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer all accompanied Romney on his first day back campaigning in America since his trip overseas.

Senh: After his disastrous foreign trip, Romney needs as much help as he can get.


Leaks, lies, auditions are all part of veepstakes

Leaks are springing. Trial balloons are floating. Egos are being stroked. Wanna-bes are auditioning. And, chances are, lies are being told... Why did Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire walk in a July Fourth parade with Romney? Why did Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota turn up in Ohio and Pennsylvania during President Barack Obama's Midwest bus trip? Why did Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio write a Cleveland newspaper column criticizing the president's policies just as Obama headed for the state?


McCain weighs in on Romney VP pick

Arizona senator jokes Romney should pick Sarah Palin for his running mate as he calls for Santorum to make "graceful exit." "I think we have some very qualified candidate, obviously Marco Rubio is in the top tier, Chris Christie, there are a number of candidates we have out there, Bobby Jindal, Mitch Daniels. We have a wealth of talent out there and I am sure that Mitt will make the right choice," McCain said, referring the Florida senator, and three governors from New Jersey, Louisiana and Indiana, respectively.


Jindal revives attack on Obama over oil spill recovery

Speaking before an audience of Republican activists Saturday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal blasted the Obama administration over its response to the 2010 BP oil spill in the gulf, saying Obama officials “wasted precious time while that oil was coming in to our coast.”


La. Gov. Bobby Jindal wins re-election easily

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday easily coasted to a second term, winning in a landslide election after failing to attract any well-known or deep-pocketed opposition.

Senh: He was one those rising stars who was supposed to join the race for presidency. It's probably a smart move to wait, especially since he's still relatively young.


As polls open in Louisiana, Jindal seen as shoo-in

Voters headed to the polls on Saturday in Louisiana, where Republican Governor Bobby Jindal was expected to easily win reelection without having to compete in a run-off vote.


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