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'Life of Pi' a huge gamble for 20th Century Fox

Life of Pi

The movie is sophisticated, not based on a comic book and a tough sell. Still, the studio hopes to defy all odds with Ang Lee's $120-million film about a boy, a tiger and a lifeboat. Many people in Hollywood considered "Life of Pi" to be unfilmable. Now that it's about to hit theaters Wednesday, there's a new question: Can it be profitable?

Senh: This sounds and looks like a very expensive indie. Ang Lee tends to do better when he's not making big budget movies.


'Hunger Games' serves up huge opening day at $68M

The Hunger Games

The feast is on: "The Hunger Games" has taken in $68.25 million domestically in its first day, a record for a non-sequel. The Friday total for Lionsgate's "The Hunger Games" was the fifth-best opening day ever and puts the movie on track for the best debut weekend ever in March. That record is held by "Alice in Wonderland" with $116.1 million.


Dr. Seuss Scores Another Box Office Hit with "The Lorax"

The Lorax

The weekend estimate for Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" is a staggering $70.7M, one of the best openings ever for a non-sequel animated feature. This officially makes Illumination Entertainment a player in the animation industry.


'John Carter' vs. giant ape!

There are multitudes of exotic creatures that populate John Carter — Walt Disney’s grand sci-fi adventure, out March 9, adapted from the seminal “John Carter of Mars” novel series penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs almost 100 years ago. There are the four-armed green Tharks that Civil War vet John Carter (played by Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch in the film) first encounters after he’s mysteriously transported to the war-torn surface of Mars. There’s the many-legged amphibi-dog named Woola that becomes Carter’s loyal companion.


'The Raven' Trailer Released: John Cusack As Edgar Allen Poe

'The Raven' Trailer Released: John Cusack As Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe isn't for English majors anymore. We've been psyched about John Cusack's psychological thriller since his spot-on Poe portrait but now, in the newly released trailer, we're able to see the mysterious author come to life."The Raven," from director James McTeigue ("V For Vendetta), tells the Poe's final days, spent chasing a killer whose methods originate in his dark short stories and books.


What exactly is 'Hunger Games'?

What exactly is 'Hunger Games'?

Forget "Harry Potter" and "Twilight." In a few months, "The Hunger Games" phenomenon will be taking over the pop culture world. Although it will be feeding off the tween demographic, this franchise will chew up those other guys and spit them out. But what exactly is this "Hunger Games" wonder that has so many folks talking months before the movie (which just wrapped up filming earlier this month) is even released? Like many of the wildly successful film franchises these days, it began with a book.


Hugh Grant Joins Cast of 'Cloud Atlas' Adaptation

Hugh Grant Joins Cast of 'Cloud Atlas' Adaptation

Hugh Grant joins Halle Berry, Tom Hanks in screen adaptation of David Mitchell's 'Cloud Atlas'


Box Office Report: Labor Day off to a ho-hum start; 'The Help' Stays at No. 1

Early Friday returns indicate that The Help will gross around $14 million for the four-day holiday weekend. By Monday, the female-fueled drama will have jumped $120 million mark--exceeding even the most optimistic expectations. DreamWorks and Participant Media produced and co-financed the $25 million movie.


Brad Pitt Shoots Zombie Movie in Glasgow

A smiling Brad Pitt has been seen waving to fans in the Scottish city of Glasgow as he left the set of his latest movie "World War Z." The U.S. actor was in town this week to shoot the zombie horror movie, which is based on a book by Max Brooks.


‘The Help’ lawsuit: Hearing to be held days after movie’s release

The movie adaptation of the novel “The Help” arrives in theaters tomorrow. Less than a week later, the lawsuit against Kathryn Stockett, the author of “The Help,” will return to a courthouse in Mississippi.


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