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South Korean official visits islets disputed by Japan

A South Korean official says the country's president has visited islets that Japan claims as its own. The move likely will deepen animosity between the rivals.


Syrian army attacks rebels, Turkey scrambles F16s

Syrian Army

The Syrian army pressed its offensive against rebels, bombarding the city of Douma near Damascus, and Turkey said it had scrambled warplanes after Syrian helicopters flew near its border.


Turkey Warns Syrian Forces Not to Approach Border

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday threatened a military response if Syrian forces approached the Turkish border, hardening the tone over Turkey’s downed warplane.


South Sudan president: Sudan has declared war

Sudan War

South Sudan President Salva Kiir said Tuesday that Sudan had declared war on his newly-independent country, following weeks of border fighting between the two countries.


Turkey: 3 wounded from Syrian gunfire over border

Turkey-Syria Border Gunfire

Syrian forces on Monday fired across the border at a refugee camp in Turkey, killing one and wounding four, activists said. It is the first such attack since Ankara began allowing thousands of refugees to find shelter in the country.


Vietnamese Police Crush Anti-China Protest

Vietnamese police have swooped in and crushed an anti-China rally, forcing dozens of protesters who refused to stop chanting onto two buses that were driven away.


Egypt says Israeli response to deaths insufficient

Egypt says Israeli response to deaths insufficient

Egypt welcomed a joint investigation with Israel on the killing of five Egyptian security personnel during an Israeli border operation, but said on Sunday the response was insufficient given the gravity of the situation.


North, South Korea exchange fire along tense western sea border

North, South Korea exchange fire along tense western sea border

Officials say the exchange took place shortly in an area of ocean that was the scene of November's lethal exchange between the two sides -- when North Korean shelling killed four people on Yeonpyeong Island.


Netanyahu: Israel cannot return to 1967 borders

Netanyahu: Israel cannot return to 1967 borders

Israel's prime minister promised to present his vision for an Israeli-Palestinian peace in a speech before U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday, but vowed his country would not return to mid-1967 borders that he termed "indefensible."


Palestinians to proceed with UN recognition bid

Senior Palestinian officials say that negotiations with Israel have become pointless after Israel's prime minister rejected President Barack Obama's call to base Mideast border talks on the pre-1967 war lines....


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