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Bruce Willis Back to Play Hartigan in 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For'

Bruce Willis

After what happened to Bruce Willis' character in 2005's Sin City, one would expect that was the last time his character will be seen. However, those familiar with Frank Miller's source material knew better.


Save the Earth: Hit asteroid with spaceship

It sounds like the plot of a bad Bruce Willis movie, but some experts are saying it should be a reality. In order to prepare for massive asteroids that could aim for Earth in the future, researchers should ram a spaceship into a real asteroid to see if the space rock would shift course, scientists say.


'Die Hard' star Willis selling Idaho home for $15M

"Die Hard" movie star Bruce Willis is asking $15 million for his Idaho home complete with a guesthouse, gym and pool with water slides.


'Jackass 3D' hits on Friday: $20M

'Jackass 3D' hits on Friday: $20M

Wow, looks like stupidity is even better in 3-D. At least that’s what Johnny Knoxville and his crew of American idiots proved yesterday, pulling in an astounding $20 million on Friday for a weekend that’s bound to hit $40 million even if moviegoers drop off after Jackass 3D‘s opening night. The Bruce Willis-Helen Mirren-starrer Red also had a solid beginning, earning approximately $7 million on Friday for a three-day that could reach $20 million.


Stallone Wants Willis as The Expendables 2 Villain

Sylvester Stallone has joined Twitter and one of his first Tweets was a bit on the possible sequel to The Expendables .


Bruce Willis Is Ready for More Die Hard

To hear Bruce Willis tell it, we probably won't be seeing a sequel to "Unbreakable" -- but he says a fifth "Die Hard" is "imminent."


Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman love killing folks in first 'Red' trailer

Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and Morgan Freeman all co-star in "Red," a crazy hit-man action comedy for Summit Entertainment.


FIRST BOX OFFICE: 'Shutter Island' #1, 'Cop Out' #2, 'The Crazies' #3

FIRST BOX OFFICE: 'Shutter Island' #1, 'Cop Out' #2, 'The Crazies' #3

Holdover Shutter Island, the Marty Scorsese/Leo DiCaprio psychological thriller from Paramount, will easily stay No. 1 again with just a 51% drop from a week ago. It made $6.7M Friday for what should be a $21M weekend and estimated cume of $75+M. Warner Bros' Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan buddy comedy Cop Out (formerly entitled A Couple Of Dicks) opened Friday with $6.2M for an expected $18.5M weekend which shows audiences are starved for laughs.


Bruce Willis Doing Die Hard 5: Did He Died?

Bruce Willis Doing Die Hard 5: Did He Died?

Live Free or Die Hard wasn't a bad entry in the Die Hard series, it's just a shame that we had to wait for an unrated cut on DVD to get the 'R' version fans deserved. Now it appears as if Bruce will return for one more go round as John McClane. MTV spoke with Bruce during the junket for Cop Out, and Bruce had this to say: It's all an in-process thing at this point, with no hard details decided upon.


Bruce Willis Thinks Unbreakable 2 May Happen

MTV talked to Bruce Willis, who says that M. Night Shyamalan is still thinking about doing an Unbreakable 2 . You can watch the interview segment using the clip below.


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